Garmin Woe/Petition

After reading Marci’s post yesterday about coveting the fancy new Garmin 310XT, I jokingly commented that I’ve been secretly hoping for my 205 to die so I can trade it in for this beauty.

Well, wouldn’t you know…

I set out for my run yesterday and the thing kept shutting itself off. It was driving me crazy and I had to keep turning it back on to continue recording my run. I found myself staring at it constantly to make sure it was still recording, which made it impossible to get into any kind of rhythm. I ended up having a crummy run, almost quitting several times, but finally finished up the 14K I had planned – reluctantly!

I discovered the problem back at the car – the face plate is coming loose from the base. I can press it back into place, but the slightest movement and it loses power. I’m going to try to MacGyver it with some duct tape until I figure out what to do about replacing it.

Yes, I really want the new model, but I can’t really justify spending $439 on a new watch right now. Then again, it’s hardly worth it to invest in another 205 when I’m only going to want to replace it soon.

I think I have to do some negotiating with the hubby… I do have a Birthday coming up (….in three months).

[All comments left on this post will be counted as signatures on a petition. Tell him that I reeeeeally neeeeeed it!]


68 thoughts on “Garmin Woe/Petition

  1. be careful what you wish for…..I'm so sorry to hear about your garmin dying. My personal vote is; if you're thinking of upgrading anyways, don't re-buy the 205, and get the new one. And use your upcoming bday to your advantage 🙂 I never knew the new models were do darned expensive! wowza

  2. Get the 310XT. Just do it. You have been busting PR's like there is no tomorrow. However, it is not available until Aug 15th, so you will need a "tie over" watch.

  3. well that is GREAT timing to have your bday in 3 months!!!!!!!!!! it seriously gets me every time i see their price tag… gahhh!!! i think despite the price i would have gotten one already except i hear about issues all the time with all the different versions! so i'm skeptical to invest!! (well skeptical= cheap scaredy cat lol).hey- those crummy runs happen to all of us for sure!!! way to finish it out– THAT is the hardest part 🙂

  4. Oh no! I can't imagine life without Garmin..!! Hopefully a little duct tape a la Red Green will help you out. I really would like the 310XT as well. I'm going to wait until next summer though as then I'll be able to justify it (more open water swimming and longer bike rides). I definitely want it before IM next year, but hopefully by then the prices will have come down!

  5. That's a bummer about your watch! Hopefully your hubby will see the need for the newer, updated model. Sounds like a great b-day present to me! I'm (not so) patiently waiting for my FR60. I just need something simple!!

  6. You do really need it! This is about your safety as a runner…you need the garmin to help you get your runs done safetly!

  7. Ooohhh, sorry it died 😦 sad day!But, you're right, it's an investment!! Don't go with another 205 if there's already a new model that will work better out there 🙂 just think of it in dollars per mile – then it will Definitely sound like a good deal! You're running all over the place!!

  8. Ah yes, just lacing up a pair of $30 running shoes and out the door I went! Nothing like having the equivalent of a nice HDTV on your wrist. All I'm saying is………….

  9. Hubby,Isn't she so much nicer after a good run? How can she possibly have a good run with a busted Garmin?It's an investment in your sanity as well as hers. -B.o.B.

  10. I have also joked that I wanted my 305 to die so I could buy the 310. I would like to publicly retract that and officially apologize to my Garmin for saying such a horrible thing.That said…I have tried on the 310 and it is WONDERFUL!! Slightly smaller and the face is angled in such a way you don't have to twist your arm to read the numbers. And it is ORANGE! I LOVE IT!!!!My game plan is to use my 305 another year or so and then upgrade. 🙂

  11. Before I even got to your last line about comments being counted as signatures I was thinking in my head, "We've gotta start an online petition for Marlene to get a new Garmin!" Glad you had the same idea!Hopefully duct tape gets you back in business for a little while!

  12. You can't run without a watch, right? And one of quality is definitely worth it, right? I like to play the "quality" ticket with my husband with anything expensive; shoes, computer…good luck!

  13. Looks like you are going to get the needed signatures!! It looks like a great watch, plus duct tape will look kinda funky if you know what I mean! Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, lump it all together and go for it!!

  14. girlfriend, you need a new one!!! Dear Marlene's Husband, Please get Marlene a new Garmin- she so desperately needs one! She really loves running and makes it look so fun! A Garmin is far cheaper than some other addiction-Shoes or clothes or anything else under the sun.I really think that it will bring her so much glee, And help her translate her run success to the blog world and me! Keep the girl on a "Mission to A(nother) Marathon"Don't make her run with that broken bling, looking like a con!! xo alex

  15. You absolutely deserve this after all your awesome PRs lately!!! Bribe him…that's what I do with Andy. And then I never follow through. It's part of my charm.

  16. Get it! Just do it! Okay enough with the enticing…If you think it will pay off in the long run then most certainly go for it. As for the repairs to the old on, I got nothing. Sorry

  17. OMG, how exciting! How can he refuse after all these signatures?!?! Please, Mr Hubby!!! :)About adding the HR monitor–not sure if it's a chest strap or a wrist reader–but don't invest if it's a wrist reader because they don't work all that well.Good luck!! 🙂 🙂

  18. $439 for the 310XT?? Seriously. What all does it do? It better run for me at that price. LOL! Knock on wood my 205 is still kickin' @ss and takin' names. I'll have to look at that one and watch for the price to drop.

  19. I got a refurbished 305 since I couldn't justify the insane $$$ without even having run my first marathon at the time. That 310XT looks well worth it though, so GET IT!!

  20. dear mr. marlene, please buy her the new watch already. obviously it is a good investment because she runs so darn much and pr's at just about every race. it's not like it's going to go to waste; it will get used daily. would you want to drive around daily in a car with the door falling off? i'm going to go with probably not; it's obviously rather unsafe. a broken garmin is hazardous to marlene's health because she is a runner! she needs her data! a new garmin is essential to marlene's life and health. call it a every-holiday-of-2009 present if you must, but just get it for her already. i mean, don't you love her?

  21. Marlene, just for your eyes: the 305 is a pretty darn good watch and it's only 1/3rd the price of the one you're coveting…message for your husband: Mr. Hubby, you need to get your well-deserving wife the gift that she truly wishes for on her birthday, so you can then make all your friends jealous of your great gift-giving abilities. 😉

  22. Ooooh we're so close to 50!!! Dear Mr. Marlene, getting a new Garmin is IMPERATIVE!!!! Don't you think she deserves one??!! xoxo,Shaina 🙂

  23. Well, here's an official 50. I would have commented yesterday because I totally think you need a new garmin, but been dealing with a sick kid…MCM mama

  24. Upgrades are needed once the old model dies! You'll use it a ton too! Plus you can review it for all of us dreaming of it as well 🙂

  25. You already have 50, but just in case some of these turn out to be non-legit, here's another. 🙂 Have fun with your new Garmin!

  26. Well I'm frustrated with an inaccurate pedometer so I can imagine that once you have a Garmin you expect it to be 100% accurate. If it starts to malfunction in the middle of marathon training you MUST replace it and, in so doing it, you should upgrade… 😉

  27. Omigosh, you totally need the new one! I'm a little late on this (FINALLY catching up!), but count me in as a signer of the petition! I think I also need to order the new one "just in case" my 305 dies! 🙂

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