TIART: Changing it up!

Tom and Amy are changing things up over at the The Runners’ Lounge. Make sure you swing by to check out their new concept for Take it and Run Thursdays, and sign up to be a ‘sponsor’ if you feel so inclined!

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in TIART, but I like this idea. What do you think?


In other news, I had another craptastic run in the humidity yesterday despite getting up at 5:00AM. We’ve had such a cool July that I am not remotely prepared for this. I miss my non-summer! The ol’ Garmin 205 was not having a good day and kept shutting itself off if I moved my arm the wrong way or touched it. I need it to hang in there a little while longer!

Tonight at clinic we have a 13K (8mi) with 6K (3.75mi) at LT pace this evening. LT pace will be 5:00-5:10/KM (8:03-8:19/mi) for my group. I’m hoping it goes better than my last couple runs.


Anyone else ready for the weekend??!!


21 thoughts on “TIART: Changing it up!

  1. i am always ready for the weekend! 1 full working day left – i get to leave early tomorrow! 🙂 woo hoo!!!these cooler temps have been nice but the humidity can roll on along. good luck with the LT run tonight!

  2. I wish I had super powers to fast forward time to make the weekend come sooner!Thanks for the TIART info; I went and checked it out; it sounds like a fun idea!

  3. the humidity is not our friend! I had to do my 8 miles with strides tues. evening and just about died. Seriously. Hope you have a better run tonight.

  4. I am having just as much trouble here in Buffalo as you are in Ontario (same climate). I had a HORRIBLE run today because of all this humidity.A lot of folks here have been complaining about the cooler climates this summer– I, and most runners I know, have loved it!!! Bring back those 70's!!!

  5. I'm not sure about where you are but our mornings are much more humid (usually 90%) than later in the day when it may be hotter. Still, both take some getting used to. A group run may be just what you need to be distracted from it. Hope it goes well!

  6. I like the new TIART thing too! I am totally ready for the weekend! Good luck at your clinic tonight – hopefully today will be better than the last two of running!

  7. I'm so ready for the weekend – thankfully my daycare decided to close tomorrow so I'm FORCED to take Friday off. So sad, I know. Hope the clinic run goes well tonight and the humidity breaks for you!

  8. Saw your splits for your LT on RunSaturday. How did it go? I cut down a 5 mile LT to a 4 mile (6K). I think these are one of the hardest runs to do. You're going to get a hot weekend in Toronto!

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