Who owned the track?!

I did!

Yesterday we hit the local college track after a 4K warm-up around a nearby park. It was a stifling 30C/86F and humid (feels like 33C/91F) when we set out, and I was not expecting a good performance.

We had a goal of 4-5 x 1600 at a goal of 8:00 per 1600 (=5:00/KM pace, 2:00/lap).

I started with my pace group, but found myself pulling away easily. I was flying around that track and feeling good! I could feel it by the third lap of each set, but always managed to pick it up for the final 400.


1st set



2nd set



3rd set



4th set

1:43 ~ I told myself I was done after this one


5th set

1:49 ~ wondering why didn’t I stop at 4?


I was floating on such a huge runners’ high by the time we were done. I couldn’t believe my splits! It was an awesome workout. And now I have to focus on recovering before a 33K/20.5 mile on Sunday. It’s going to be another scorcher.

Have a great Friday!


32 thoughts on “Who owned the track?!

  1. Marlene, those are awesome splits!!!!!! Congratulations! You are so much better than I am at that first 1600. My coach always warns me to make the first one my slowest and I think that I am but it's always my fastest. And then intervals 2-5 are so dead on even. How awesome!

  2. Wow! Great job Marlene! My run group did something similar last week for 8! UGGHHH! How much time/distance do you put between repeats?? I think my group puts a little too much time (400m), but that's just me.

  3. Dont you just love that running high you get from running on the track and doing intervals!! Great job on those repeats! That is awesome! Have a good weekend!

  4. This makes me want to run on the track!! ๐Ÿ™‚ LOVE those workouts – great job! And ahh, good luck with the 33K on Sunday!

  5. you are my hero. and make me want to learn how to do proper speed work! but i am particularly in awe of how you dealt with the heat — this weather makes me crave A/C!!!

  6. Yaw Whoo! What an effort! Look out…here comes Marlene! Those are awesome splits, it will be so much fun to see you set all kinds of PR's this fall!

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