Tornados and Rainbows

We had a 14K marathon pace run on the schedule for tonight, but Mother Nature had other ideas. We’re having some very unusual weather in Southern Ontario this evening with severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings all over the place, and reports of touch-downs just miles from where I live. Eeek!

Needless to say, our run has been postponed and hubby and I are currently hiding out in the safety of our home. There’s a kick-ass rainbow outside our back dooor, although the sky is looking particularly eerie and the tornado warning remains in effect.

Looks like my mini-taper for Saturday’s 30K isn’t going to be so mini afterall. Race goals/plan coming tomorrow.

I hope all of my fellow Ontarians are safe & sound!


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24 thoughts on “Tornados and Rainbows

  1. Even though you may try, you cannot out run a tornado! 😉 hehe…BE CAREFUL….geez, I didn't know you had to worry about crazy weather like that in CA…in the W-V-I feel safe (we've had a couple) with all the mountains!

  2. what a crazy storm, i spoke to one of the girls from my old running group, and they saw a few tornados REALLY close by and saw a car get tossed a few cars in front of them. SCARY!!!! Glad you're safe!

  3. i still remember the green sky after a tornado in like 8th or 9th grade. crazy stuff.SO GLAD you are ok! i saw your tweets and was relieved that you weren't bothered by the tornado. GOOD LUCK TODAY!

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