Race Goals & more…

Thanks for all of your concern on yesterday’s post. This is something that we do not deal with regularly (or ever!) so it was pretty shocking for everyone. Fortunately, no damage or injuries in my area. After the craziness, we enjoyed a pretty spectacular sky.


Tomorrow I’m running A Mid Summer Night’s Run (30K).

A Midsummer Night’s Run is a magical evening of running staged on Toronto’s East end trails and along Lake Ontario. The run will start before the sun sets and will be finished by the light of the moon. Shakespeare’s own words well describe this night as being “…swift as a shadow, short as any dream…”

Given that this is my first 30K race, my first evening race and my first time running any kind of long distance in the evening, I really have no idea what to expect. That being said, I trust in my training and recent results and I should be in good shape for a decent race. Having my trusty pace bunny (husband) by my side will certainly help. I have to remember this this is not my goal race and I can’t afford to wipe myself out completely with two weeks of peak training ahead. What happens tomorrow may largely depend on the weather. The forecast earlier this week promised cooler temperatures, no humidity and isoltaed showers. Now: warm, humid and chance of thundershowers. All things considered, I have three goals.

C Goal (I know I can): ~6:15/KM pace (10:03/mi)
= ~3:07:30 finish

B Goal (I think I can): ~6:00/KM pace (9:39/mi)
= ~3:00:00 finish

A Goal (I hope I can): ~5:40/KM pace (9:07/mi)
= ~2:50:00 finish


Mel is completing her very first triathlon this weekend! It’s been a long journey getting here, so drop by to leave her some good wishes. Go for it, Mel!


You still have a few days to enter my Hella Sound Giveaway!


23 thoughts on “Race Goals & more…

  1. thanks for the shoutout!! 😀 Enjoy the race tomorrow night… a few tips (?) about from my experience last year — if you're going to do a baggage check, ARRIVE EARLY, and LINE UP EARLY. Last year there was still a long line up even though the start of the was a bit delayed to allow more time. He came by and thanked us for not checking bags cuz Jay was sitting there with all of ours. Watch your step on the boardwalk cuz it'll be dark and populated with whoever happens to be down there. Watch the potholes (especially if they're filled with water from the rain on the gravel parts… they could be deceptively deep. If you have a headlamp or something, you may want to bring your own… the ones they provide usually die before the race is done. haha Most of all, enjoy the beautiful scenery and sunset of the TO skyline, it was breathtaking last year. Have a blast, I'm so happy you're doing the race. KICK ASS!!! I know you will 😉

  2. good luck tonight! i hope the air is cool and not so humid. can't wait to hear how it goes! you've been training well, this is a great 'tune up' race for the redemption.

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