Nuun Review + Giveaway

Nuun recently sent me a generous sampling of their electrolyte replacement tabs to try out. Unfortunately the product is not readily available in stores around here, but I did find a few locations in Toronto.

I’ve been reading about Nuun all over the blogosphere for a while now, so I was excited to try it out.

What’s to love about Nuun?

Nuun comes in the form of convenient tablets (easily transported in resilient, water resistant tubes), which are dissolved in water to create a complex electrolyte drink that recharges salts lost during exercise.

Nuun is specially formulated to provide optimal hydration.

Nuun is sugar-free.

Nuun is available in several unique flavors, including:

citrus fruit
kona kola
orange ginger
lemon + lime

Learn more about Nuun!

I’ve had the opportunity to sample almost every flavor that I received (my favorite so far is tri-berry) on various short runs, mid-distance runs and a long run. My overall impression is: Awesome! It tastes great, goes down easy (no tummy troubles) and seems to do the job.

For some crazy reason, hubby thought it would be a good idea to pop a kona kola tablet directly in his mouth. Ummm…. yeah. Have you seen the way the tabs fizz when you drop them in your water bottle? This was pretty entertaining, but I do not recommend it!

The best part is, Nuun sent me plenty of extra samples you know what that means: GIVEAWAY TIME! To enter:

Leave a comment and let me know which is your favorite flavor (or one you’d like to try). Giveaway closes on Friday.


I’m ecstatic to report that my 25K (actually, 25.6K = 16mi) long run went great yesterday. The cool temperature, cloudy sky and fall-back distance had me flying. In fact, my entire pace group was running way faster than we usually do on a long run – by 15-20 seconds per kilometre! It was an incredible run and I finished strong. Average pace – 5:56/KM = 9:33/mi. Nice!

We followed it up with a delicious post-run brunch. This group knows how to eat! We indulged in all kinds of sweet and savoury goodies. I also took a dip in the pool, even though it was only about 15C/59F. The water felt great, although I was freezing when I got out!

Yesterday wrapped up another weekly mileage PR of 77K/48mi. I’m aiming for 50 miles this week!

Have a great day!

(P.S. Last chance to enter Tall Mom’s Pearl Izumi Giveaway. Contest closes at 200 comments and she already has 180+!)


64 thoughts on “Nuun Review + Giveaway

  1. I've been hearing all about Nuun all over the blog-o-sphere! I can't find any around here though. Actually, I was just telling my husband about it yesterday. Anyways, if I ever find some, I'd like to try the Tri-Berry. I've heard it tastes great.

  2. No tummy troubles? sign me up!!!! kona kola definitely caught my eye. I feel as though it wouldn't be too sweet! I think I would have done exactly as your husband and popped it in my mouth. glad he saved me the troubles!

  3. A guest post from Muscle Man?? I am going to tell him and he will be sooo excited. The Man is too funny you all will be cracking up, my dry humor is nothing compared to my Man.Love love nuun…as you know. My favorite is Lemon Lime..I woke up late but will post about your Giveaway this afternoon

  4. Great work with the 25k! You're a running machine!! I'm thinking the Orange-Ginger would be a good one to test, since ginger is supposed to settle stomachs. I'm sure it would be all mental since it's a little tablet, but hey, why not?

  5. I LOVE nuun. I bought a four pack of flavors and really like the tri berry. I'd love to get my hands on the Kola though.Great job on the 25K. Your running is going so well lately!MCM Mama

  6. Ahhh, cool temps — can't wait for those! Glad to hear your run went well. But seriously, a dip in a 59F pool?? That's crazy cold!! And I would think the lemon lime flavor would be good. Lemon lime makes everything better! 🙂

  7. Its cooling off over here too (what?! FINALLY!) – niiiice run! those are the best 🙂 Hmm…Nuun flavor? I usually go with Lemon-lime to be safe 😉 haha. Never tried these though!

  8. It was cool yesterday, I ended up in three layers of tops just to cycle, I can't imagine being in a pool. I've seen Nuun, but never tried it, however, now that I'm back in action, I'd have to take your word on Tri-berry…thanks for the adivce (as always)

  9. I am so ready for the cool temps to make it to Texas. I ran in about 77 on Saturday and was happy enough. Can't wait until it's in the 50's.Either Tri-berry or Banananuun sound good to me.

  10. I purchased Nuun tablets a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE them. Truly. I haven't sample all the flavors yet but do like the tri-berry. My favortie thing is that it works like a gatorade but is a light flavor.

  11. congrats on the weekly mileage pr and a good long run! hope that helped boost your confidence some :)hooray for a nuun giveaway! i haven't tried it yet but tri-berry and lemon lime sound like flavors i'd definitely like. unless of course they come out with a chocolate flavor 😉

  12. I love Nuun! Gatorade always hurt my stomach so I switched to Nuun, and it has been great. I have already tried the tri-berry, so I think I would pick the orange ginger as the next flavor.

  13. hahahah why do men do the things they do? I can totally see my BF trying one of those tabs without thinking. Bet you had a great laugh. I have NEVER tried NUUN but I've been thinking about it for a bit!!! I would LOVEEE to try Lemon & Lime or Tri-Berry. Both sound tempting!

  14. I decided to try Nuun because of reading about it on the blogosphere too. My favorite flavor is tri-berry with orange ginger running a close second.

  15. What a cool give-away. I haven't come across Nuun yet.If I were to try it, I think I would choose Tri-berry. I find that a lot of running products really bother my stomach so I'm always on the lookout to try something new.

  16. I have been hearing about Nuun on so many blogs. So, you really love it? I'm going to have to give this stuff a try! I think that orange-ginger is the flavor I'd most like to try.Nice mileage last week!

  17. Kona Kola is my absolute favorite Nuun flavor! It gives me that boost of caffeine that I need in long runs and settles my stomach. I carry it everywhere I go… I just started using Nuun in June and I've already gone through five tubes of the Kola flavor (as well as a few other tubes of TriBerry and Orange Ginger).

  18. i'm an orange kinda gal. but at work i love the lemon chai nuun "u". it's almost like drinking a lemon diet coke (but better). still need to try banananuun. missy b in slc

  19. i really wanna try banana!!!!!!!!!!! i have tried lemon-lime, orange ginger, and berry and only liked lemon-lime okay. the others.. ehhh not so much.elliot is OBSESSED with nuun. lol. he's all about hydration 🙂

  20. Nice review. I've always wanted to try NUUN but didn't since I've used a camel-bak for my runs. However, now I'm moving to the hand-held water and it would probably be easier to use NUUN!The banananuun sounds like it would be pretty yummy!

  21. ugh! Just trying to catch up on posts! LOL never tried nuun yet, but the Kona Kola sounds interesting, and I think i saw one on their site, Cucumber melon maybe? Sounds so light and refreshing 🙂

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