The Big Week

Happy September! Marathon redemption will occur this month. Trying not to freak out…

This is my biggest week for overall mileage and long run distance. I have 50 miles (80K) to run including a 23-miler (37K) on Sunday. I’m pretty sure I’ll be ready to taper after that!

I haven’t been posting my weekly training schedules regularly, but this is the big one so here it is:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 14K (~9mi)
Wednesday: 11K (~7mi)
Thursday: 13K w/ 8 x Yasso 800s (~8mi)
Friday: rest
Saturday: 5K (~3mi)
Sunday: 37K (~23mi)

Will I survive?! ‘Course I will! The cooler weather seems to be sticking around for now, so that certainly helps.


I have a few photos from A Mid Summer Night’s Run:

hangin’ with hubby before the start

with friends in the start line



41 thoughts on “The Big Week

  1. WOWZER!! Major miles comin for the STUD Marlene.. Jeepers if you are not overly ready for Marathon redemption I don't know who is.Love the pictures. FYI I was tempted to just give you the darn shorts, you posted 15 comments, Virtual Hug, but I had to follow the rules… Have a great day!

  2. That's a whole lotta mileage,girl! I hope the cooler weather sticks around at least thru the end of your 23-miler on Sunday.Good luck -you're gonna do great!!!

  3. cool-love the big distances..the yasso 800's actually sound the meanest! set to start those as well as I build for my marathon nov 1st…yay!good luck/happy training!!

  4. Exciting! Redemption is going to be sweet! I like how your schedule has two rest days worked in it..very good! The Yassos will be a good indicator. You are going to blow the doors off of the marathon, Marlene!!!

  5. Great for you! A marathon – whether it's your first or twentieth…its a HUGE accomplishment.I've only managed one full…and two halves…but I still love them.

  6. hope the week has been going well so far! bring on the last long run! always a good feeling to finally make it to that day, especially when you've actually been training 🙂 (something i struggle with, not you)great pics!

  7. Super cute pics! How excited are you that it's marathon redemption month?! YAY! You've got that 23-miler, no problem! If nothing else, the memory of how AMAZING it feels to finish it and officially be in taper always seems to get me through 🙂

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