Wednesday Bullets

• I ran a strong 14K (9mi) yesterday and another decent 10K (6mi) today. Feeling good so far! 24K down and 56 to go for the week.

• I can’t really believe this is my last week of actual training. Wow.

• I’ve been testing out some new socks that Drymax sent me, so watch for a review soon.

• I’m running a marathon in 25 days!

• I picked up this MPG “Hurdle Jersey” Skirt and it is by far the most comfortable piece of running gear I have ever owned. Looks like it will be joining me for 26 miles or so in a few weeks.

• Now I just need to find a new top – preferably bright.

• Tomorrow we have 8 x Yasso 800s on the schedule. I haven’t done Yassos since May!

Happy Hump Day!

28 thoughts on “Wednesday Bullets

  1. I like the skirt. I bought myself a skirt about a month ago. Have only used it once, but I like it so far. You'll have to tell us how your new one works out for the marathon!

  2. Well, I think I'll skip the skirt but my wife does want me to wear a nice bright shirt for my marathons. Something easier to pick out of the crowd.

  3. Ooh nice socks – haven't seen those ones yet! Um, 56K to go?! It's Thursday! That sounds crazy! 😉 you marathoners….

  4. I hope the 800s went well! That skirt is so cute – you will look great in all your marathon pictures with that! Pick a really brightly colored shirt so you can be seen on the course!

  5. you are going to own the rest of this week and your entire taper, and then you are going to beat up on 26.2! i am so nervous and excited for you already. eeeks :)i hope you find a bright new top to go with the skirt soon so you can rock it in the marathon.

  6. I LOVE wearing a new outfit for my marathons (of course, only after testing it out on a few long runs before the race)! It's just adds to the excitement! I hope you find a cute top to go with! Once you do that, there's NOTHING standing in your way 😉

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