One more big one

Tomorrow morning will be my last long run before taper, and the longest one yet. 37 kilometres. 23 miles. That is a long way to go.

We’re running a point-to-point route from the Running Room store in Newmarket to our instructor’s house in Tottenham. I enjoy “destination” runs and find them easier mentally than starting and ending in the same place. Another bonus is that we will be running west, so the rising sun will always be behind us.

One thing I’m a little worried about is that the tail end of this route will match the second half of a rather “scenic” (read: hilly) run that we completed back in July.

There is a sweet downhill to the finish, but look at what we have to climb to get there… 20+ miles into the run. Ohhh boy.

This afternoon I drove out to drop my car off so I could help carpool back to Newmarket after the run tomorrow. It’s a fairly scenic drive and I was taking it all in, realizing only once we arrived that I have to run this far tomorrow. Cuh-razy!

I need to stop psyching myself out and start psyching myself up. I’m ready for this!


19 thoughts on “One more big one

  1. The night before my 20 miler I met a friend for dinner to celebrate her wedding. I mapquested the route as I had never been there before. The mileage on the mapquest said 20 miles… OK it was in a whole different city, FAR FAR away. That really put the mileage in perspective for me.You are strong, you WILL be amazing. And LAST one before taper. Hugs to you! Will think of you on our measly 7..

  2. those hills will be excellent training. i (almost) wish i had the same to train on here… almost ;)i'm sure the run went well though! (sorry, behind, will be catching up hopefully this year)

  3. I hope the 23 mile run went well! Sometimes running the routes that I have driven before is fun because you get to take in all the scenery! Cant wait to hear about it!

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