Hubby runs a half

As promised, here are a few photos of hubby at the Oakville Half Marathon on Monday. He used this race as a training run for his first marathon coming up on November 1st.

His goal: 1:40

His result: 1:39:57


And he’s off

A quick glimpse at 16K

Finishing strong (and not looking very tired!)

Having a stretch while I watched for Marky Mark to finish

(Yes, hubby also loves Recovery Sock!)


I started my taper with a short recovery run yesterday. I felt pretty slow, stiff and somewhat sore. It’s amazing what 23 miles will do to you! Fortunately, I “only” have about 60K/37mi to run this week. 18 days to go!


35 thoughts on “Hubby runs a half

  1. I love how he is wearing that bright yellow shirt. No trouble finding him in the crowd! I would definitely be in trouble after 23 miles so I think you are doing great! haha

  2. Way to go hubs!! GReat time and way to meet that goal..23 miles WILL take a tole…I best you were sporting some recovery socks recently too.18 days!! Oh I am super excited for you..FYI Giveaway on the Blog today…I am only lightly recruiting this time.. 🙂

  3. Wow-good for him-very disciplined and right on pace! When you're that fast it appears you run pretty much on your own-must be a cool feeling.Many thanks for waiting and for taking the photo.

  4. congrats to hubby! WOW he is SPEEDY! that's awesome. and YAYA for your 23-miler!! i'm so excited for you marathon… not to be creepy or anything, i just am 🙂 i think i'm living vicariously through you right now.

  5. Btw very spiffy shoes!I haven't tried the recovery socks but my free Wright socks arrived and I like the double layer-I didn't want to try them out for the first time during a race though.

  6. Nice! Congrats to your hubby! That's a super speedy time! I keep trying to get my boyfriend to try out recovery socks, but he refuses . . . he thinks I look ridiculous in mine (I tried to explain that he wouldn't have to get hot pink ones; he didn't seem to care). Guess what one of his Christmas presents will be? 🙂

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