Three Things Thursday

“Three Things Thursday” is shamelessly stolen from Caution: Redhead Running.

1. Today hubby and I are celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary!

We’re both going to physio after work for a little maintenance/ check-up… it’s kind of like a couples spa, right? (Or not.) After that I have a ladder track workout with my clinic (800-1200-1600-1600-1200-800) and then hubby and I will go out for a late dinner at our favourite restraurant.

2. My shins have been bothering me a little bit lately. No pain, just an occasional ‘twinge’. It’s not something I have ever experienced before, but I’m not taking any chances.

(We were all out of frozen chicken.)

3. Tall Mom is hosting another fabulous giveaway. Drop by for your chance to win beautiful handstamped jewelry (and more!) from Lift Your Sole. Click here!

Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!

46 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Happy Anniversary you two love birds! I love wedding pictures! Good luck with the ladder track workouts! Those can be intense but I am sure you will rock it!

  2. YIPPEE for anniversaries!! Enjoy your sporty and fun day.. That photo is AMAZING, you are one beautiful bride..Soooo funny about your icing, I have some of the blue ice packs that I put on my knees, for my calves I have ice bags there were previously used in the diaper bag to keep the formula cool.. LOL!!Hugs to you on your special day..THANK YOU FOR THE PLUG! How in the heck did I get to 100 comments in one day.. I guess people really like jewelry..

  3. lol i loved your reference to heather's frochick use. lol.HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! that is a beautiful wedding picture. you are busy today! a check up AND a track workout (good luck!) and dinner out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy yourselves 🙂

  4. happy anniversary again 🙂 hope you guys had a great day/evening.shins are very touchy! i don't like to mess with them either. hope the ice treatment helps asap!

  5. happy anniversary!! hope it was a great one :)get a bucket for those shins!!! that the main reason i use my ice bucket, i tend to get tender shins during peak training. now that you are tapering i am sure they will start to feel better. they might be a little sore at first cause they are healing? thats what i have heard.

  6. Aw, I'm late too . . . but Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!! Also, I am just STILL laughing about Heather's frozen chicken thing. Hehehe! Take care of those shins, lady! I agree with Aron about the ice bucket!

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