Track Workout and Drymax Socks

Happy Friday! Thanks for all of your comments and anniversary wishes yesterday. Physio went great (I always feel so loose and refreshed when I leave) and hubby and I had a wonderful dinner after my track workout.

Speaking of which…

My training group hit the local college track again last night for a ladder workout.

The plan: 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 400 (quarter-distance recovery jogs).

The goal: Because I’m tapering, I decided to aim for something close to 2:00/400 and possibly faster on the last few intervals. I wanted to see how I felt.

The results:

400m – 1:51

800m – 3:50

1200m – 5:53

1600m – 8:01

1200m – 5:54

800m – 3:34

400m – 1:32

I felt strong throughout and definitely could have worked harder on the first four intervals if I wanted to push it. On that last 400, I decided to JUST GIV’ER! I was flying and still felt like I could keep going (although, not that that pace)!


Drymax recently sent me a couple pairs of socks to try out.

These are not just ordinary running socks. Drymax offers:

I was able to try the Running and Running Lite Mesh varieties. The “Running” socks are a little too thick and warm for summer use, but super comfortable! I can’t wait to add these to my fall and winter sock circulation. The “Running Lite Mesh” socks, however, are PERFECT for summer (or indoor) use. They’re light and breathable, with just enough cushion where you need it on the heel and ball of the foot.

I took these for a 23-mile spin on the weekend and don’t have a single complaint. No chafing, no blisters, no sliding. These socks will definitely be joining me on September 27th.

My feet are happy in Drymax Socks!

Have a great weekend!


35 thoughts on “Track Workout and Drymax Socks

  1. oooh those socks look perfect!! not too high either! i laughed at the "active odor control" 🙂 sometimes my SNEAKERS just need odor control, not my feet. lol. thank goodness i got some new sneaks!!! hehe…way to go on those intervals!!!! it's neat to see them in the taper schedule, and then how you really let loose on that last one! i think it's imiportant to do that for confidence and also just to remind the legs- FAST!!! without overtiring them 🙂 way to go!

  2. What an amazing track workout. Look at you go SPEEDY!! Whew – I'm tired just reading about it. Nice job and cool sock review. Might have to look for those (but I like all the extra padding – even in summer) 🙂

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