Three Things Thursday

Yes, it’s time for another Three Things Thursday à la Morgan!

1. After a two week search, I finally found a new pair of my trusty Saucony ProGrid™ Stabil CS. I was sure that the new pair I bought in July would carry me through the marathon, but recently discovered that they’re a little too worn out already.

(Recycled photo.)

2. Hubby is sick and I am trying my hardest not to catch it. I can’t afford to get sick 10 days before my marathon. PLEASE send healthy vibes our way!

3. Chic Runner is hosting a Zensah giveaway. Check it out here! And you still have some time to enter Tall Mom on the Run’s Lift Your Sole Giveaway!

Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!

37 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. glad you found your shoes, you've been running crazy mileage, no wonder they wore out so fast ;P Speedy healing vibes for Mr… hope he feels better soon, and fingers crossed that you don't catch anything. 10 days already?!?

  2. Yay for new kicks!!!!Hope the Hubby feels better soon and in the meantime make sure you're regularly spraying him down with lysol so you don't get sick too!!!! 🙂

  3. Like Lacey said, wash your hands, no making out, lots of fluids, chicken soup, send hubby to excile island (Survivor reference if you don't watch the show)LOL!! Stay healthy my warrior friend. You have tortured those shoes, LOVE IT!! New pair well earned.. I am awaiting a new pair of kicks, I CAN"T wait!!Thanks as always for the PLUG!! I am amazed that I got over 200 comments without recruiting, people like jewelry..

  4. It RAINED yesterday.. I am not a fan of wet legs or arms, so I wore tights…and long sleeves…LOL.. Hubby wore shorts and a t-shirt.I will be reviewing the tights soon, but I want to test them on a cold weather day..Thanks for commenting…I guess people don't like reviews… hehehehe

  5. Sending you healthy thoughts! Got my nails done at my usual place. They were all sick–so, I of course took Ultimate Defense right after I left–just to make sure! I also was informed I have to get the flu shot (from my dr) since I work at a college and go into high schools—great–I am sure it will give me the flu! 🙂

  6. Agh! STAY HEALTHY! I always take a Multivitamin (for a few days) when I feel like I am getting sick (or even Might get sick). Usually does the trick 🙂 plus extra sleep and fluids!! Nice work on finding those shoes – as we all know, that can be quite a freakin' challenge. gah!

  7. Happy Thursday!!!Ooohh…tell hubby to stay away from you and stock up on the Airborne! My hubby was fighting off a cold last year during the Philly Marathon and it was not pretty.Be careful and good luck!!

  8. LOL, I suppose you can't lock your main squeeze away in quarantine…just keep washing those hands and keep up with your multivitamins! 🙂 Definitely sending "stay healthy" vibes your way! 😉

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