Aid Station Photos

Here we are, all dressed up and waiting for the runners!

Our wagon. Yes, we were excited!

Some of the goodies!

This is the embankment that the runners had to climb at the 29K point. We posted a sign at the top that said “You call that a hill?” along with some encouraging words.

We also made this sign pointing toward the embankment.

We had a great morning. Everyone was so excited to see us at each of the locations and we had a blast playing music, dancing, cheering and offering whatever support we could. It was fun to give back after being spoiled by others who have volunteered their time at these aid stations all summer.


40 thoughts on “Aid Station Photos

  1. Oh my goodness- you all have too much fun! Such support… If I saw that at 29k, I think I would assume I was hallucinating! If only I had a car… I think it would be worth the drive to train with your group!

  2. You are too cute and FUN! Judging from the outfit, signs and overall creativity and organization I have confirmed 333% that you and I would get along sooooo well!!This inspires me to find a way to volunteer…. and to connect with a running club.

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