Something to prove + GOALS

This will be the 20th anniversary of the Toronto Waterfront Marathon and my third consecutive year participating.

In 2007 hubby and I ran our very first race at the Toronto Waterfront and crossed the half marathon finish line hand in hand. You can read all about it here.

One year later, I returned to the Waterfront to complete my first marathon, something I never imagined I could do. If you missed it, you can read my race report here.

This race beat the crap out of me last year, but I’ve come a long way since then and I’m going back for redemption.

In June 2008 I ran 156 KM / 97 mi
In June 2009 I ran 223 KM / 138 mi

In July 2008 I ran 156 KM / 97 mi
In July 2009 I ran 285 KM / 177 mi

In August 2008 I ran 222 KM / 138 mi
In August 2009 I ran 294 KM / 183 mi

Looking at those numbers, I feel like I have something to prove. But the truth is, there’s a lot more to it than numbers. I feel better equipped – both physically and mentally – to handle this distance.

Let’s talk goals.

C Goal: <4:42

Ultimately, as with any race, it will be an accomplishment just to finish. However, I would be admittedly disappointed if I don’t come out of this with a PR at the very least.

B Goal: <4:15

I’ve done a lot of thinking in recent weeks to determine my “B” Goal, which I also consider my true goal. Achieving this time would involve running at my happy pace, the pace at which I feel most comfortable and relaxed (6:00/KM). I believe it is attainable (although certainly not easy) on a good day and plan to pace myself accordingly.

A Goal: <4:00

I believe this goal is impossible unrealistic, but I’m still putting it out there.

Happy Hump Day!
4 more sleeps!

44 thoughts on “Something to prove + GOALS

  1. I'm so excited for you! You've got this and we're going to find your picture next to redemption in the dictionary after this weekend!!!BTW – That pic of you and your husband holding hands brought a tear to my eye… that is beautiful!

  2. You've made a ton of progress and have had an awesome training season such that you truly are better prepared in every way. As yumke would say, trust your training! Having said that, four hours is a really long time to be checking your watch every few minutes, so try to relax into it-it's good you have flexible goals. Will you line up with a pace bunny and, if so, the 4 or the 4:15? Or do it on your own?

  3. You are in so much better shape now than you were for your last marathon, so this will absolutely go better. Good luck on your goals, but don't let them take away the enjoyment from the training.I can't wait to see you rock this race this weekend!

  4. I hope you have the picture blown up and in a frame on your wall.. AMAZING..OK I want to go read race reports now..You have put in the time and the mileage. You can achieve it if you believe it. Do not let self doubt enter your mind for even a minute.. If it does think about something else…like candy canes or waterfalls…random yes…but get your mind out of the Negative and where it should be….on AUTOPILOT!! Look at those numbers girl, you are at Rock Star status…

  5. it would not surprise me in the least to see a sub 4 on your race report πŸ™‚ you have trained HARD and put in the miles… you are going to do amazing!!! run a smart race, have fun, and redemption is YOURS!!! SO excited for you!

  6. a countdown in terms of "sleeps" – ha! nice! those number differences are crazy! Clearly you're Stepping It Up over there, and we've been along for the journey to vouch for ya πŸ˜‰ I LOVE that first picture, hand-in-hand. So cute!

  7. OMG I'm so excited for you!!!! You have put some incredible training in this year and are so ready! I know you will have an amazing race! Think positive and good things will happen!

  8. Marlene, you have trained so hard and so smart. You've seen great success and improvement. Your goals are wise, I'm definately believing in redeemption!!!! Plus I believe you will totally obliterate your old time! Go!!!

  9. Girl, you got this! I am so excited for you to earn your marathon redemption! It is going to be simply glorious . . . In case I can't get an internet connection right away in Orlando, I want to tell you good luck now . . . run like you mean it, girl! We're all rooting for you! πŸ˜‰

  10. Those were pretty much my same goald for MCM! I hope you can do them for us. You have come a long way sister. I have no doubt you are going to PR big time. Thanks for the support on my blog it means a lot. And it's never too early to want hot dogs. LOL!

  11. Look at that runner on your ticker….so CLOSE.. 3 days!Ok so how cool are you to set new PR's in EVERYTHING?My plan was to get a race at nearly all the distances this year so I could have an official time and be able to set future PR's.Do I have to count my 5K race time when I was 19 if there is no recorded time anywhere for it? I am darn sure that a 19:30 is not in my NEAR future, maybe when I am in my 40's those ladies are FAST!!!Hugs to 3 SLEEPS…FYI I asked the mail people how much it would cost to expedite the card that I should have had in the mail last week. $31!! Ummm, love you but would much rather buy you a cool gift and have shipped to you than spend $31 for a card. SORRY 😦

  12. WOW! Looking at the comparison of mileage–I can't believe it was only a year between the two! You are amazing and have really worked hard!!!!!!! Way to go!!! We are all rooting for you!!!!

  13. One thing I do have to add, perhaps you should adjust your A goal to something between 4:15 and 4:00, especially if you don't find it attainable. My only marathon I was in a similar situation to you, I wanted to C, just finish, B, finish in 4:15, C, get sub 4:00. I started out going for B, then in the early-middle miles ended up going hard for A, then fell off the pace and ended up between B and C. While I was still proud, I was disappointed I didn't reach my B goal.

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