Is this a wedding or a marathon?


I’m wearing my trusty red shirt that I wore for Marathon # 1. (Hopefully this isn’t bad luck?) I tried finding something new, but I really love this one. It’s super light and comfortably, especially the all mesh back! And I think it’ll make me pretty easy to spot.


My MPG skirt! Sooo comfy and passed the test of a 23-miler.


My girlfriend loaned me this “ActiveHold” hair elastic when we were going for a run from her place about 6 months ago. I have worn it for every single run since then and it has held up remarkably well. This thing is griptastic. Sure, I could probably go buy my own pack for about $3.99, but what’s the fun in that? (Now that I think of it, I’m amazed that I haven’t lost this thing yet!)


My snazzy new SPI-belt with turquoise zip. Love it!

Speaking of weddings… good friends of ours are getting married tonight! It may not be ideal to attend a wedding two nights before a marathon, but don’t worry – I’ll be wearing flats and drinking water! Wedding cake has carbs, right?!

We had our last pre-marathon session at clinic last night and got a great pep talk from coach. This is it. Expo tomorrow. Just 2 more sleeps. Time to get excited!


41 thoughts on “Is this a wedding or a marathon?

  1. I may be unable to decide whether I'm sufficiently recovered from a bug to run myself, but I've decided that I'm clearly looking forward to your post-race blog entry. I may watch people come in at the finish line no matter what, so will look for you.Good luck and enjoy it! And, remember, it's not about breaking four hours so just go with the flow on this, your redemption and victory lap.

  2. Love this post! Too cute! And yes, cake is definitely carbo loading 🙂 Be sure to leave us your race number so we can "stalk" you race day! You are going to do awesome!

  3. You are so funny! I might have to incorporate this into my marathon prep as a real wedding is nowhere in sight… LOL! GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND! YOU ARE GOING TO DO AMAZING!!!

  4. Giiiirl! I am super excited for you. You are going to blow that PR out of the water. Have fun at the expo and don't spend too much $ (or do! it's what the expo is ALL about.)

  5. wedding cake? carbs?? Uhh YES, definitely. some pretty tasty ones too 😉 so what will be packed IN your Spi-belt?? i'm really contemplating that purchase, those things look small enough that it doesn't get annoying…2 days!! yay!

  6. I'm feeling the pre-race jitters for you. Take the time Saturday to reflect, rest and enjoy it. Weather looks like it can be pretty good. I'd look for a tad bit cooler.I'll be looking out for you!

  7. What a creative post, I love it!!! All this means you are going to have great luck :)"Griptastic"… I am going to have to use that one :)And I love the skirt… you look so hot in it 🙂 I am going to have to go get one of those.You're going to do GREAT!!!

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