So You Think You Can… Run?

Thank you so much for all of the Birthday wishes yesterday. I had a great day!

Back in July I mentioned an upcoming event in which I have been involved as Volunteer Coordinator. It’s been a great experience so far being engaged behind the scenes. Run4Rett is this Saturday and I can’t wait to see everything come together. We’ve had a tremendous turnout with more than 225 registered participants and another 200+ expected to sign up on race day.

We received some exciting news this week that Jean-Marc Genereux of So You Think You Can Dance Canada (who has also choreographed for So You Think You Can Dance [US]) will be joining us at the event to cut the 1K ribbon and kick off the festivities. Jean-Marc’s daughter has Rett Syndrome and he was also able to make an appearance at last year’s event. This year he will be bringing his family and playing a bigger role.

If anyone happens to be in the area (Richmond Green Park, Richmond Hill) this weekend, drop by for some family fun and to participate in our 1K fun run/walk or timed 5K event and help raise funds and awareness for this important cause. The race kits were stuffed last week with an incredible selection of donations procured by my sister and I’m telling you, this will be one of the most loaded race kits you have ever seen!


30 thoughts on “So You Think You Can… Run?

  1. Best of luck on your race and your volunteer efforts. While we runners always love a great race, it is a totally different perspective when you're involved in the behind-the-scenes of the race, and with runner input, it makes it a greater event!

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  3. very cool news!! hope the event goes well this weekend! i can't believe you were a volunteer coordinator AND training for a marathon at the same time – i've tried that before… maybe i just stunk at being a vol coordinator? 😉

  4. Hiya-which aid station will you be at on Sunday btw (assuming I remember correctly and you will be out on the course)? And I agree re: SWTM vs. TGLM-something to keep in mind for next year. Even if you end up with a bad day for Toronto it isn't fatal as there still are Niagara and Hamilton to follow that you can switch to-Scotia is always too warm. Plus if you're doing the full you don't get the benefit of a separate start. At Toronto I think the full marathoners will be separated from the halvers due to a separate and later start such that they will run into stragglers in the half if any at all.

  5. Sounds like this will be a very successful event! It's gotta be interesting to be involved on the other side. When I start organizing a race (eventually…) I'll be asking You the questions 😉 ha

  6. Ok, so I know this doesn't have a lot to do with anything, but I just learned that in Canada you basically have a "Dancing with the Stars" (SYTYCD made me think of it) but it's figure skating and with old hockey players. And Tie Domi is on it. And some how I didn't know that it existed. And it's pretty much the best idea ever. You Canadians and your wonderful things!!

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