More Good Things


inVigorators sent me a pair of their patented graduated medical-grade compression socks.

These socks definitely offer a good compression. They feel great on, they do the trick and they come in black so I can wear them to work. Bonus!

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I won a Zensah giveaway from Team Giles recently and my goodies arrived in the mail last week.

I decided to go with the arm sleeves and seamless running skirt.

I haven’t tested out the skirt yet, but I love the sleeves. The material is soft and comfy, they fit nice and snug and they happen to look pretty cute.


I also won a book giveaway from Mel Tries to Run. My copies of Running Hot by Lisa Tamati and 50/50 by Dean Karnazes arrived yesterday. I can’t wait to check out Running Hot and I’ve already read 50/50, but it’s definitely worth of a re-read. Mel also included a postcard of beautiful Darwin. Thanks Mel!


Lacey at Common Objects and Everyday Events sent me some goodies for participating in her “creative caption competition”: a nice card, a magnet with a great quote and an Emergen-C drink mix packet. I love finding surprises in the mail. Thanks Lacey!


24 thoughts on “More Good Things

  1. Wowow, lots of freebies! I want to try arm sleeves – I'm NOT a fan of long sleeve shirts at all, this might be my next trial! πŸ™‚

  2. why is everyone concerned about socks being the appropriate color for work? i just rock whatever πŸ˜‰ i mean, i wear christmas socks year-round. mostly because they are my "dress" socks and i don't have any other holidays :)now, when can i start winning as many freebies as you?

  3. Look at all the cool stuff you have won! Those socks looks nice and its great they are black so you can wear them to work. Although I am sure you could pull off the pink socks any day!

  4. I vote destination Marathon.. Seattle Anyone?? Lacey is coming…it could be a BIG party.. I am sure I can help with some cheap and great hotel rooms.. Thnk about it..Hugs…off to the post office to send someone a LATE birthday gift..

  5. Look at all those goodies! That's fantastic!! Love the arm sleeves (although now I am having flashbacks to my Chicago chafe wounds–shudder! If those don't chafe, let me know!! I'm clearly in the market for some new ones)!

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