Not the best idea

We went to the Mandarin Buffet for my brother-in-law’s Birthday dinner tonight (over-eating central). It’s definitely one of those places where I can go every six months – tops!

So we feasted on Asian cuisine (I use that term loosely) and hubby and I thought it would be a good idea to head out for a run when we got home. I got a cramp immediately and then…

*burrrp* *gurgle* *gurgle*

Not pretty! I cut it short at a measly 4K, made a dash for the bathroom and called it a night.

It’ll be a quiet morning tomorrow and we head to Niagara Falls in the afternoon. We booked a hotel for the night so we won’t have to worry about a 90+ minute drive Sunday morning. I’m not feeling great about the race; I’ve been suffering from a major lack of motivation and confidence lately and find myself wondering why I signed up.

Hopefully I can at least enjoy the view!


28 thoughts on “Not the best idea

  1. Marlene, do not dismay. Think of the training, the beautiful Falls, beginning in one country, ending in another, the pay off, the satisfaction, and the achievement. Then you will be IN!!!!best wishessincere-leelizzie lee

  2. Oh no!! I try to stear clear of those places I never have good luck.OK lady… sounds Like Polly Pesimism has been hanging around a lot lately. I say you take all pressure off yourself and just run for FUN!! You have your Marathon redemption…just relax and RUN. Go on autopilot, take in the views, people watch, cheer people on, be you.. And if in the end that results in a PR so be it, if not you will have one hell of a Race report.Hugs… Do you thing Baby!!Funny the theme to Biggest Loser always gets me "What have you done today to make you feel proud?" Decide what that one thing would be for your race and focus on just that..OK it is late and I am RAMBLING..

  3. I agree with the comments–have a good time doing it-it should be a great day with a nice view–if you wake up thinking you have a kick ass time in you can can change the plan.The site looks as if the shirt is good and you even get a gym bag?

  4. any time I've been to the Mandarin in Scarborough, I come away with the same results…gah…Can you not just do it as a fun run, enjoy the scenery and not balls out race it? Maybe as Ken said, it is time for a little breather, you can take time away you know…

  5. I can understand a lack of motivation, but you must have confidence! You are a great runner and posting great times, seeing improvement, and the best is yet to come! Go with the flow! Enjoy it for a while, I always wanted to take my Sweetheart to Niagra falls!

  6. good luck on your race!!!!i bet running in Niagara Falls will be wonderful. and i heard weather is supposed to be good tomorrow. At least it is in Aurora, so hopefully in Niagara as well!lots of luck!go kick some butt!!!

  7. Have an amazing run, lady! Channel all your energy from running in your friends last weekend and have a kick ass run. You know you can do it- don't let one stupid buffet + run combo get you down!!! I'll be thinking of you!

  8. Uh ohhh :/ I can never run after a full meal – just not my thing! and, you're explanation (i.e. picture! ha) sounds about right. 😉 I hope you at least enjoy the race course! I'm anxious to hear how you do, good luck!

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