Summer Snapshots

[First: I survived my fitst fitness class last night (H.O.T.) after a 6+ month hiatus. It kicked my butt, but I loved it! Spin class tonight.]

A collection of random photos taken throughout an amazing summer of running, thanks to our awesome coach who provided a personalized CD to each of us. (Click to enlarge – some contain coach’s captions from the slideshow.)

First night at clinic, 4:00 pace group

Meeting at the conservation area for one of our first long runs.
(you can see the temporary tattoo on my hand from the City Chase the day before)

The next 4 are from this “scenic” run at coach’s place in the country.

Rocking the Recovery Socks at a post-run brunch

The infamous Hockley Valley 20-miler

A day at the track

Another Sunday run

Taken during our longest run – 23 miles

Hitting the “EASY” button at the end

A couple taken at the Toronto Waterfront

And finally, the Toronto Marathon

Group shot before the race
(I’m back centre in my colourful scarf)

Bringing Micki in for her BQ
(yep, I am holding her fuel belt)

Bringing one of the girls in for her first marathon finish
(I believe I am holding two fuel belts at this point!)

What an unforgettable summer!


31 thoughts on “Summer Snapshots

  1. what an amazing group -it looks like you had such a special clinic!! You accomplished so much!glad your class went well last night- I just signed up for my 6 month pass… Classes, here I come! (it is sick how excited I am for that)

  2. OMG those pictures are amazing! I just love the one with the little caption of where you ran! Looks like a freaking awesome summer! No wonder you ran so well!

  3. WOW!!!!!!!!1 and even more unforgettable now that you've photo montaged- it!!! i love it!!! look at that sunshine… and seriously you have an awesome group. amazing! it's official i need to take more photos of my running. too bad it will be mostly me.. and me. hehehehe. time to find some groupieeeeeeees! :)i joined operation lean mean!!! check out my post today. xoxo

  4. Amazing what a bonding experience!! I look forward to my training group so much looking at yours.So did you see Lacey is Running Seattle Rock n' Roll In late June. Hmmmmm… Maybe Marlene should make the trip too??? Can you say 2010 Race calendar??

  5. Great pictures… I don't think I smile quite so much during my training :). Awesome you're going to do the Goofy challenge.. that's only a few months away!

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