Not his day

Unfortunately Mark finished his race in the medical tent, after being picked up on the course at 35K.

He’s had a nagging pain in his calf and hamstring for about five weeks, which reared its ugly head early in the race. It didn’t become a problem until the long stretch of downhill after the half way point. When we saw him at 30K (and our friends jumped in to join him for the last 12K), he was visibly pained but still hanging on.

Unfortunately, I got the dreaded phone call shortly thereafter when he had to pull out of the race around 35K. The pain had become debilitating, shooting from his piriformis all the way down his leg and even into his foot. He made the tough but smart call to get help, and fortunately our friends were there and were able to call me to let me know.

I eventually found him at the medical tent (they suspect it’s a sciatic issue, but he’ll get it checked out at physio tomorrow) and got him home. For now, he’s enjoying a stiff drink and some pizza and he is in good spirits. He knows he made the right choice and he knows there will be other marathons. But it still hurts.

I’m not sure if this makes it easier or harder to swallow, but he was on pace and running a beautiful race. Sometimes the best laid plans… well, you know. He’ll have another shot at this.

Thanks for all of the support; I’ll keep you posted and will share some pics shortly.


50 thoughts on “Not his day

  1. Oh no. So sorry to read… especially cuz reading this reminds me of my own experience in May (got to 36k, and yes, it's a tough call to make) but like he/you said, probably the right choice. All the best to him in recovery… hope it's nothing major!! šŸ˜¦

  2. I thought something like that had happened–very sorry to hear. But you summed it up well. As much as it hurts it was the right call. It sounds like he has avoided a more serious injury and it will make the next one very sweet, whenever that day comes.As we all know, the marathon can be very humbling and the outcome can't be controlled.Hope he's enjoying the pizza and drink at least!

  3. I was checking the results earlier and was worried. It's hard to call it a day but you have to listen to your body so you can race another day. Mark will race another day.

  4. Sorry to read about the injury, Mark made the right choice, but it is hard to take, especially when so much time and effort is put into a race, but there will be others. I hope Mark heals well!

  5. I was actually on the course today and thought I saw him (recognized from your blog) but wasn't 100% sure it was him. I saw the medical guys pick him up …. at least it was the best call for him and he didn't risk full out injury. As our coach says, there is always another race. Hope all goes well for him.

  6. The body is an amazinf thing…can take us miles and miles with no pain…then just change and send us all the signals RED FLAG STOP!!Congrats to Mark for making it as far as he did. I pray that recovery will be swift and he will find his Marathon soon.Hugs to all. ENJOY that Stiff drink you earned it.

  7. Bummer, I'm so sorry things didn't work out. I'm glad he's in good spirits about it, that's got to be so disappointing but he definitely did the right thing. I hope his leg pain gets better soon.

  8. So sorry to hear he couldn't finish. But every attempt is a victory. So many sit on the couch. On any given day the outcome will be different. There's to staying healthy for another day to come.

  9. oh nooo! I agree with what you and everyone else has said though- definitely made the right call. This way he will be able to run many more races in the future. He'll make it to the start line again soon… and blow through the finish!!!

  10. oh nooo! I agree with what you and everyone else has said though- definitely made the right call. This way he will be able to run many more races in the future. He'll make it to the start line again soon… and blow through the finish!!!

  11. Wow, I'm disappointed that things didn't go as planned, but am glad he didn't go and hurt himself all badly. Sounds like you're being really supportive which is great.

  12. That sucks! I'm sorry to hear that but good for him pulling himself out before he did anymore damage. Hope it's nothing too serious and he heals quickly!

  13. Agh, Sorry to read this! But it took just as much strength to (intelligently) decide to pull out at the right moment – it sounds like he made the right choice. It also sounds like he's a very strong (and fast!) runner and he'll meet those 26.2 soon enough!

  14. aww so sorry to hear this. I know we have all had our days where it just didn't work out and he played it smarter than many of us. Can't wait to hear how the next attempt goes because we know there will be one!!

  15. Aw, poor hubby! That sounds SO painful! Make sure to take good care of him! Pulling out of a race is SUCH a tough decision to have to make–but he made the right decision. He will rebound from this and get that marathon finish . . . and it will be even sweeter when he does! I hope he gets well soon!!

  16. Oh no! What a bummer! I hope he doesn't have a long-term injury and that the road to recovery is short. Maybe you guys can run your next marathon together?? That's secretly a dream of mine!

  17. major bummer!! :-/hope all went/goes well at the doc. glad he was able to make the smart decision and pull out of the race before it got worse. we certainly all know how tough that is as a runner!

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