Wednesday Catch-Up


Mark is recovering both physically and emotionally. It appears to be a hip flexor issue, but he is on the mend. Fortunately, it is nothing too serious. UNfortunately, this has made him question his decision on Sunday. I believe he is forgetting the pain he was feeling at the time. Thanks again for all of your support; Mark has been reading the comments and I know it is helping him feel better about the whole experience.

Edit: I just came upon a post that Kenny wrote yesterday and it rings very true: Braving It. Thanks, Kenny.


After a one-week running hiatus, I hit the streets on Monday evening for a 5K. I felt amazing and ticked off progressively faster splits, with my final K just 2 seconds off 5K race pace!


Project Lean Mean Running Machine is going great since kicking it off last Monday. For the first time in a long time, I feel focused. I worked out like crazy last week despite not running – yesterday was my 8th straight day at the gym! I’ve taken yoga, spin and interval classes and worked out on my own as well. I’ve also gotten back on track with healthy eating again. This girl didn’t eat a single piece of Halloween candy! And when hubby ordered a scrumptious-looking pizza for Sunday night, I made my own healthy version – a tortilla pizza with veggies and turkey pepperoni. I had to take a picture:

The best news: I’ve lost 4 lbs and I’m only 6 away from my lowest weight last year.


I got a super awesome surprise belated Birthday gift in the mail yesterday from Tall Mom.

Hand & toe warmers, GU Chomps, Roctane GU x2, a Mojo Dipped bar, Luna Bar and Luna Moons (only the wrappers remain…), a Pink String for breast Cancer, a fun “Today I Feel” magnet and a sweet card. I was utterly spoiled! Thanks Mel!

Happy Hump Day!

32 thoughts on “Wednesday Catch-Up

  1. Glad to know that it was not worse for Mark…he will be back at it in not time.GOOD GIRL 4 lbs! WOw oh WOW.. I need to follow your lead. I have been eating and feeling like crap lately.Glad you liked your little gift.. I would have sent more but darn shipping rates.Hugs buddy!!

  2. omygoodness!!! 4 lbs!!! GREAT for you… I can't lose 2 without practically starving myself. Great job and keep up the good work. PS. That pizza looks AMAZINGGGGG (Maybe this is why i cant lose 2 lbs.. lol!)

  3. Ever better won the Lift your Sole giveaway…From what I can see you should buy a lottery ticket as you have done well on the giveaways this year.

  4. That looks like an awesome bday gift! Awesome job with the LMRM – keep up the great work and I am sure those 6 pounds will be gone!And tell Mark – I understand about the hip flexor. You sit down and you think – oh i could run, my hip is fine but its not. It hurts like a mother and its painful when you try to run. its best to just rest – I went back to quickly and I paid for it later. Strengthen it and it will never bother you again!

  5. Glad Mark is recovering! Congrats to you on your great 5k and saying no to candy. Lord knows I haven't been able to resist! Stay strong. I love the idea of the tortilla pizza. I am going to have to do that next time I'm craving that treat!

  6. Wow, very impressive with the pizza thing! AND the gymtime!! 🙂 plus, who needs "halloween" candy when you have your own stash of Runner candy?? heh hehTOTALLY MISSED the TBL in DC !! OMG – how did I not know about this?! I wonder when they where here?? AGh, sad day. Thanks for the comment though 😉 xo

  7. wow that is a great looking gift! Enjoy it!4 pounds eh! awesome!Today is my first day back to the gym after the Half and feeling crappy.Reading your blog,especially today's post' inspired me and i am looking forward to a hard workout! 🙂

  8. glad to hear mark is on the mend and congrats on the weightloss! sure sounds like you are hitting the lean-mean plan hard :)while it's tough to wonder if he should've toughed it out, he should only think about how much worse it could've been had he gone for those last few miles. better safe than sorry! (i know, it doesn't help much, but it's a true point.)

  9. I give you props for making a healthy pizza and not eating Halloween candy! I've eaten a good portion of the left over candy this week. Maybe I'll do better at resisting next year.

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