Morning run

I have a class at the gym tonight and plans at lunch, but I wanted to squeeze in a run, so 6AM is was. The cool, dark and quiet morning was eerily calming and it was a great way to start my day. I truly wish I had the discipline to do this more often, but the truth is that I’m surprised I managed to get up today. I’m just not a morning person during the week.

So the run was nice and I took a slight detour to scope out some new running/walking trails being constructed in our neighbourhood. We’ve been promised ~9K of trails and I can’t wait to explore more thoroughly as progress continues. With winter looming we probably won’t be able to fully enjoy them until next spring, but it’s definitely something to look forward to.

Not much else to report here. My tummy is grumbling for some breakfast; one thing about running in the morning – it makes me extra hungry all day!

I’ll leave you with a post-run sweaty pic that I took for Prior Fat Girl‘s Proof is in the Pictures:

Don’t mind the nasty cold sore on my bottom lip, which is also the reason I could only half-smile. Ouchie. 😦

Have a good one!

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28 thoughts on “Morning run

  1. Love the picture!!! So exciting that you will have new running territory soon.Off to check out the links.I have NEVER run before work…crazy huh?? I just cant do it. People who do are totally amazing to me. So kudos to you for being AMAZING…as always.Hugs!

  2. Love the morning running look! It can be hard to get up. Some mornings I just dont want to go but I know I will feel better afterwards. Its good I run alone cause sometimes i am grumpy! Running helps me get over the grumpiness! lol

  3. I'm always completely starved after morning runs too! But it feels SO GOOD to get out there, especially now that mornings are the only times we see some LIGHT! 🙂 Way to get up and goooo!

  4. the weather is absolutely beautiful. I have not had the chance to get out there! ive been working at 8 am every morning ugh. but im hoping the weather holds up for a few more days and i can get my butt out there.

  5. Look at you all adventurous new trail finder! LOL! I am still not loving the trails. Tips please on how to the love the trails. Thanks. BTW, abreva is my hero. Works like a mofo on cold sores. Use like they were paying you to.

  6. Daaaang, morning runs at this time of year = very impressive! I find it SO impossible to get up. Not sure what that's all about . . . it's not like it's getting cold here in Goofy Challenge land (see how I switched that from Mickey land to suit us better? Nice, right?) But seriously, way to go, girl! ;)And by the way, I'm SUPER jealous–trails in your neighborhood? That is just plain AWESOME!

  7. Now that it's cold & dark, it's gotten impossible to get out of my warm comfy bed in the early morning!Exciting you'll have new paths to explore in the spring too!

  8. I can't say I love getting up extra early to run in the morning, but I do love morning runs… usually only after they're over though. The quality of my run is never as good at 6am as it is later in the day, but my energy level for the rest of the day is always so much higher. I'll gladly sacrifice the quality of my run for the quality of my day every once in a while!-Kristin

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