Poutine, crepes and a half marathon

Hubby and I, along with another couple, will be spending a weekend in Montreal in April for the half marathon.

We love Montreal, our friends love Montreal, we’re always looking for new race experiences and we get a great discount on a two-bedroom suite because hubby spends so much time in Montreal for work. So here we are!

No doubt many a poutine and crepe will be consumed as we take to the streets for three days of antics, running a little 21K along the way.

This race is part of the Canada Running Series and they are currently offering discounts for registering for 2-4 events. Time to start working on that 2010 race calendar.


On the workout front, tonight is H.O.T. (and I think I’ve recruited a friend from my running group!), tomorrow is 10K, Thursday is 6K with a buddy at lunch and Spin after work (then seeing New Moon!!!), Friday off and weekend long run distances TBD.

I’ve successfully lost 7 lbs since kicking off Project: Lean Mean Running Machine and I feel fantastic. All of my work pants are officially too big. I’ve been hoarding some gift cards so a shopping spree will be in order soon.

Don’t forget to sign up for the HBBC!


42 thoughts on “Poutine, crepes and a half marathon

  1. First jujubes and kitkats, now poutine? You're killing me over here! LOLAn April race eh? That fits well in my schedule. Maybe I'll have a look. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. 7lbs…my work pants have been too big for ages, welcome to the club.How to you hoard gift cards? I spend them the minute they hit my purse..I love the idea of discounts for signing up to multiple races, very cool.So I was looking at Goofy yesterday…a half followed by a Full. WOW oh wow!! I am so curious to see your training for this.. WOWZERS!New Moon!! Cant wait to see it..

  3. come over here and help me lose some pounds!!!!!!!!!!! i have lost one pound and i don't think it's even truly gone. lol. that is AWESOME and i'm so proud of you and happy for you! the best is the feeling great part.CAN'T WAIT TO SEE NEW MOON!!!!!

  4. Great job on the weight loss! i need to steal some motivation from you as I'm up a bit these days.Sounds like you have a fabulous weekend ahead of you!MCM Mama

  5. congrats on the 7 lb weight loss – that is awesome!!! I'm also slightly jealous your weekend includes New Moon in addition to running. I have to wait until next week to see it 😦

  6. 7 pounds?! WOW! That's amazing 🙂 go get some cute new pants!!!can't believe 2010 is so freakin' close – definitely need to start looking at some races!

  7. Very consistent on the workouts! And yay for losing 7 lbs. That has to make you feel good in more ways than one! As for poutine, what an interesting dish. Save that for AFTER the race.

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