Two days. 53 KM (33 mi).


It was about -6/21F when I set out – coldest long run yet! I bundled up in my favourite winter gear.

Hubby joined me for the first half of the run, which helped take my mind off the fact that this long run was in fact the short run for this weekend. I was feeling pretty intimidated by all the miles that lay ahead, but I tried to take it one at a time and remain positive. I knew that after this weekend, the remainder of my training would be a piece of cake.

21KM (13mi) done!

(Not sure if you can see the chocolate gunk all over my jacket. I had a leaky Gu!)


It was time for The Big One. I met up with about a dozen others for the big 20-miler (some were running a shorter distance). Hubby came along too! It was another cold morning (and windy!) but we warmed up quickly once we got moving and the sun came up. We still had quite a shock each time we turned into the wind. Brrr! I was extremely nervous about this run. How could I run 20 miles that day after 13? I was pleasantly surprised that it went really well. I didn’t bonk and I barely got tired. My legs were quite sore throughout the last hour of the run, but nothing unmanageable. As I finished it off and walked in the front door, the first thing I said to hubby was “I can run 10 more.”

Bring on Goofy!

I’ve been feeling stronger on the long runs of this training cycle than ever before, even with the back-to-backs. In fact, my pace for yesterday’s run was only a few seconds slower than my marathon pace from September. I’m confident that this is as least partially a result of Project Lean Mean Running Machine and the amount of weight I have taken off. My ultimate goal is to maintain this weight through the holidays/Goofy and lose about 7 more before my goal marathon this Spring (to be announced).

HBBC Update

F/V = 1 pt

run 13mi = 13 pts
F/V = 1 pt

run 20mi = 20 pts
F/V = 1 pt

P.S. Big congrats to Aron who got her BQ this weekend!


43 thoughts on “Survived!

  1. There is no way in h-e-double hockey-stick I would be out in that! I bow down in your presence! LOL! Great job girly! Way to push through! Goofy's got nothing on you!

  2. Losing the weight definitely will help! That is just so great that you ran well this weekend. I can't believe how many miles you did! You ran more miles Saturday than I ran all week! lolKeep up the great work!

  3. You made it through the big weekend – awesome job! Glad to hear your training has gone so well. Can't wait to see how the races go for you, although I have no doubt that you will indeed rock them both!

  4. Great job with the back to backs. I met with Coach and I'll be doing my fair share of them towards the end of winter to get ready for the Ultra. You're doing so awesome with the weight loss..glad it's helping on the runs, too!

  5. You're ALL set for Goofy!! Way to tackle those distances like it's Nothin'!!! πŸ™‚ So, tapering now??? also – 21*?! My gosh – I thought our 35* snow was bad. oooof, that's some serious winter going on up there!

  6. You are SUPER ready for Goofy!!!Alas, this time around I am not doing back-to-back long runs consistently. Trained specifically for CIM, taking this week real easy and have Honolulu this coming weekend. I am going to try to do one 10/20 or maybe 10/18 combo before Goofy but we'll see. Hmm, maybe I should be worried!

  7. you are going to KILL goofy!!! i cant wait to see it! BRR that is COLD too! THANK YOU so much for the shoutout and for everything, your support and encouragement – all of it πŸ™‚

  8. You look like the real deal in your warm weather clothes. I wish I was as well equipped for the winter as you. Leaky GUs are the worst. I ruined a phone that way. Congrats on your speedy 20 miler!

  9. Nice job Marlene, you are going to be so ready for Goofy. I was just thinking how lean and fit you looked in those pics…you really look fantastic, and I love that blue jacket:)

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