Ideas Needed: Beach Bootcamp

In an effort to maintain fitness next week, I’ve recruited my Mom, sisters and even hubby to join me in a bootie-busting Beach Bootcamp every (?) morning while we’re in Cuba (yes, the whole family is going!)

But I need some IDEAS! We won’t have access to any training tools – just ourselves and the sand. I have plenty of ideas for cardio, but we’re going to have to get creative in using our own body weight for strength training. Please share your suggestions in the comments. Thanks!

You better believe I will be running as well. No guarantee as to how often, how long or how fast, but I will be putting in the miles… Cuba-styles! I was hoping to bring my Garmin and map out some amazing routes along the shore, but recently discovered that it is forbidden to bring GPS into the country! I could probably smuggle it in, but I am not willing to take any chances. Crazy!


As promised, here is a group photo from Sunday’s festive run.

Click to enlarge.

We put on quite the show running through the streets.


As you can see to the right, I currently have 199 followers. (WOW, THANK YOU!) Now don’t leave me hanging… who wants to be # 200?


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41 thoughts on “Ideas Needed: Beach Bootcamp

  1. Great pics!! You all look VERY festive!OK– Now for the advice you asked for– Google a "p90x" program– my friends swear by it. It does not require any real weights– You just need your own body to perform some of the tasks. The program itself is expensive but many sites offer free versions– it just depends on what you want to do, chest, abs, etc.Let me know if you find a good one– I plan on increasing strength training after next month's marathon.

  2. Have you checked to see if or the like work in Cuba to map out something? Also do you have access to a Nike+? Cuz that would at least give you a general idea of the distance as long as you calibrate it ahead of time. They run about $30 and are not GPS. As for what to do without work out equipment you can never go wrong with push-ups & planks and I concur with the resistance bands mentioned above! Have a blast!!!LOVE the pic! 🙂 So much fun!200 followers! You are a rock star girl!!!

  3. Here are a few I can think of:Walking lungesplankside plankmountain climbersbird dogsjumping jacksscissor kick plankhigh kneespushups situpssquatsline drillsjog in placefootball tapsLove the thought of a beach bootcamp! Have fun!

  4. Here are some strength exercises that are good for the core/abs- abdominal crunches (of course)- leg pushaway- prone hover- side hover- back extension also, squats.What a great and fun idea!

  5. the Bear Crawl: bend down till your hands touch the sand, like an upside down V. Bend at the hips, not the knees. Keeping your legs and arms straight, abs tight, crawl/walk. You can go back and forth. This one is hard. Also doing sprints in the sand is really tough. You can play some beach v-ball; really good interval workout! Also, if you have a bucket, you can run, fill up the bucket with sand, run with it back, empty it, run back, and so forth. You could add in a quick burst of swimming too.

  6. i just thought of my personal favourite (groan)… BURPEES!jump up with hands raised above head, foward bend to a pushup, and then jump feet in, and then up with arms above head.Repeat until puke threashold is reached (for me, its about 10)..:)

  7. Oohh I love the bootcamp idea!! Hmm.. I wonder if you can use some objects as hand weights and do some Shred inspired moves. Because you don't need a lot of weight but after 15 reps you are still SORE! Hmm.. and you can definitely do burpees, moutain climbers, jumping jacks, and even a kickboxing routine! Fun!!! You will have to recap on how it went!

  8. Patrick is right P90X is amazing!! If you can't find any of the videos online let me know I have them all and I can send some pictures and instructions!! Have fun in Cuba! that sounds amazing!!Happy Holidays!

  9. how about beach volleyball? or water volleyball?and playing tag on the beach!and then basic things like: abs and planks, push ups, squats. walking lunges.lots of walking. u and the hubby can go for long walks. maybe do some hiking. and some snorkeling.what else……maybe u can rent a bike?and they probably have a gym at the hotel, u can take advantage of that.maybe bring a workout dvd?

  10. Oh girl! There is plenty you can do without any equipment! You should totally try some metabolic circuits . . . they will kick your arse big time (and you only need 20-30 minutes to do them–perfect for vacay)! Marci gave some great exercises that can be used, and I'll add a few more:-Box jumps(if you can find a bench)-Step-ups (ditto on the bench)-Bench dips (again, need a bench)-Burpees-Sumo Squats -Stationary Lunges-Supermans-Hip Extensions (AKA pelvic thrusts)-Jump rope (if you can find something to work as a rope–get creative–I've used the power cord to my computer as a jump rope before)-Sprint to a certain spot and backSo basically, you'll choose 4-5 exercises from the looooong list of exercises you now have (try to mix it up between cardio-based exercises and body-weight resistance type exercises). Then, you'll want to do all of the exercises you've chosen back-to-back without any rest. You can do the workouts a couple of ways:First of all, you can either pick a certain number of reps for each exercise (say, 10) or decide on a certain duration (say, 30 seconds).Then–when it comes to sets–you could do, let's say, 4 full sets (resting between each set). OR you could choose my favorite way to do it . . . pick an amount of time–say 20 minutes–and see how many rounds you can get through in that period of time. You can rest when you need to, but you really want to push yourself.So for example, you might do:Box jumps (x 10)Pushups (x 10)Squats (x 10)Bench Dips (x 10)Burpees (x 10)*As many rounds as you can in 20 minutesHa, okay . . . I just wrote an entire lesson plan for you there. Oops. Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email :)Hope you have fun (and get good workouts in)!!!

  11. Marlene – you guys are so great to be doing a Cuban boot camp! I see you've had loads of great suggestions already.I actually did a boot camp years ago on Coogee beach in Sydney. The thing that was great about it is that we'd be in four teams and only have to do each thing for a few minutes then head to the next and keep going around. That mixes it up a bit.Congrats on the 202 followers! I need to up the ante on mine. I have 90 and want 100 some time!

  12. That stinks you can't bring your GPS into Cuba but I guess that makes sense…its like Cuba! For your beach bootcamp maybe try to do some stations sort of thing where you do cruches or pushups or something for 30 seconds to a minute then switch. You could do lunges, pushups, sit ups, jumps over logs or something like that, or hops (jump in the pattern of a square)…jumps up and down stairs. We used to do circuits for bball and these were some of the things we did. Wall jumps where you try and jump up to a spot continually for the whole minute. Ok i think thats all i got.

  13. Sweet photo! I love that you guys are going to work out in Cuba. That's one of my favorite things about visiting new places–running and getting to see and experience the place from that perspective.

  14. Everyone gave you good suggestions already. If that is not enough, just ask the local beach trainers that do aerobics and volleyball, I'm sure they'd be happy to help!Don't forget that coconut water makes a really good sports drink substitute to replenish your electrolytes.

  15. Yay you made it to 203! I would do some beach yoga/pilates for your strength training. Do some downward dogs and planks and you'll be good to go! I love that you have your whole family doing this!

  16. Ha, I'm sure there are enough satellites focusing on Cuba without your GPS! I say doing twelve ounces curls with both hands is enough of a workout on the beach while vacationing. You can alternate with some of those fruity drinks with the umbrellas as a cool-down. Enjoy!

  17. so many good ideas here. how about a deck of "fit deck" cards? some of the exercises on those are mentioned in others' comments above (pushups, burpees…) and they don't require any additional equipment. you can however buy a different version that does use equipment – i think they have one for use w/ a stability ball, bungee cords…

  18. Have a blast in cuba. My dad lived there for a while as a child. Sounds great. Too bad the us America's can't go 😦 Great idea to have work out sessions! And congrats on all the followers

  19. What a great pic! I might have to jolly it up a bit for our long run on Sunday. Bootcamp:Burpees and hill climbers are just evil. Everyone else chimed in with the same suggestions I had. Have a great time.

  20. One thing that I did while I was away was fold a towel in half (on a wood or stone floor… just not carpet) and then get into a plank position with my arms extended and my feet on the towel. Making sense? And then I would use my core strength to slide the towel forward, so that my feet became closer to my hands. Here's a video I found on Youtube.. and the guy isn't hard on the eyes either. :-) are some other good workouts on there too!

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