My Sister’s Olympic Torch Relay Segment

Several months ago, my youngest sister April was selected as one of 12000 Torch Bearers in the 45000 KM Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay.

Today was the big day. We bundled up and headed north to Bracebridge, Ontario.

After dropping April off at the official event bus, we headed to her connection point to wait for the fun to begin.

She was dropped off right on time and we had the opportunity to snap some photos and wish her good luck one last time. Quite a crowd had gathered and many people were asking to take photos with April and hold or touch the torch. The support was incredible as many people drove by honking and complete strangers were shouting ‘I love you April!’

Before long, another official vehicle came along followed by the Torch Bearer.

Transferring the flame:

And there she goes!

Hubby and I were able to run alongside her on the sidewalk snapping photos and cheering her on. She did awesome and made us all proud.

April had the last run segment of this leg of the relay so at the end she transferred the flame to a lantern, which was then transported by bus to the next location.

What a truly memorable and exciting day for all of us.

Way to go, April!


38 thoughts on “My Sister’s Olympic Torch Relay Segment

  1. What a once in a lifetime experience! I still remember watching part of the 1984 Summer Olympic (Los Angeles) torch run in person as a kid standing next to my bicycle. I can't imagine how it must feel to actually be a torch bearer (let alone run next to or personally know one!)

  2. this is still too cool! i would be sporting that workout suit 24/7 now 🙂 does she get to keep the torch she held as a souvenir? gahh i am jealous. toooo cool!

  3. Wow, that is so awesome, I missed my chance to see the torch, how cool that your sis carried it!! Catching up on your blog, it looks like you had a fabulous vacation. Happy New Year!!

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