Three Things Thursday

1. Tonight we start up another round of Marathon Training with the Running Room. This will be my 3rd consecutive clinic with this group and many of us have also been training together between sessions. Tonight we will divide into pace groups once again and prepare for the next few months of gearing up for Spring Marathons. Here’s a shot of some of our group after a track session last summer:

2. As of this week, I’ve gotten back to my fitness classes at the gym for the first time since before Christmas. After one aerobics/strength interval class and one Spin class, I’m feeling the burn in muscles that had been long forgotten. In fact, my legs are more sore this morning than they were after the Goofy Challenge! I intend to keep it up so I can feel as strong and fit as I did back in December when I was going regularly.

3. I plan to post my 2010 race plan next week, but there’s one destination race that I just can’t wait to tell you about. On June 26th I’ll be running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon alongside Tall Mom, Amanda and Steph (and hopefully Lacey?). Tall Mom graciously offered to host me for the weekend and I have no idea what I did to deserve her generosity and kindness. I finalized my travel arrangements last night and will be spending a few days in town seeing the sights of Seattle, hanging with some awesome ladies…oh, and running another 26.2! I promised Mel that if I win her Little Pink Dots Giveaway I will wear the tutu for the race…


37 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. YIPPEE! So funny, I told hubby last night that you finalized your flights. He is still a little befuddled that I offered to host someone I have never met.. I quickly reminded him that I met him on the internet.. and said that we "talk" daily online..So if he seems a bit weirded out at first he is just being protective LOL!!Not sure I could wear a tutu for 26.2, I get irritated by a wayward shoes lace and anything bouncing..Thanks for the bloggy love

  2. wow, Seattle sounds like a lot of fun, and I heard the R&R races are great!Yay for getting back into your fitness classes; I went spinning last night and my glutes are a-burning! πŸ™‚

  3. I am loving the fitness classes too! I sweat like a beast in them but they are awesome and it makes me so sore! It is awesome that you are running Seattle! I didnt know Lacey was thinking about it!

  4. Seattle will be a blast, especially with bloggy friends. I had a friend wear a tutu in a marathon once…she said it was irritating by mile 20 but said she loved every second cuz it made her smile.

  5. Ah!! I thought about doing RnR Seattle (with Lace!) too!!! Not sure if it'll work out because now my little sis will be in Rome for the summer ….sooo…we're going to see her πŸ™‚ but that would've been so cool!Can't wait to see what othe races you're signed up for! Blogger meet up possibilities!

  6. Yes, I have often been much more sore from an hourlong gym class than after running a marathon, but in different places. And I didn't know there was an RnR race in Seattle. Looks like a great race!

  7. I am so excited for you Marlene! Another marathon!! You don't mess around do you? I heard that is a fun marathon. I am excited to follow you on more training. I need all the tips I can get!

  8. It looks like my girlfriend and I will be running the Seattle Marathon too and hopefully it will be MUCH warmer than the Disney! I'm looking forward to following your blog and training! Good luck!

  9. man marlene you are quite the marathon (life in general) traveler! caribbean, disney, seattle… take me with youuuuu (get me out of kentucky) ;)goodness you just ran disney and already training for another marathon. you are a running machine!!

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