Lift Your Sole Giveaway

You may remember that I recently won a gift from Lift Your Sole through a giveaway over at Laura – Live, Laugh, Run, Enjoy.

Recall this post?

It is my pleasure to pay it forward with a giveaway of my own thanks to Jill at Lift Your Sole.


Lift Your Sole offers unique and inspired hand-stamped jewelry (among other things), specializing in sport-related designs. Lift Your Sole encourages its clients to do what moves you! I absolutely love the piece that I selected and have received many compliments.


$24 to spend online at Lift Your Sole

HOW TO ENTER (one comment per entry please!)

Mandatory Entry:

(1) Visit Lift Your Sole Online and let me know how you would spend $24.

Bonus Entries:

(2) Become a Fan of Lift Your Sole on Facebook

(3) Sign up for the Lift Your Sole Newsletter – see the left sidebar on the Facebook Fan Page

(4) Leave a comment on the Facebook Fan Page

(5) Follow Mission to a(nother) Marathonlet’s see if we can get to 250!

(6) Link this giveaway on your blog and be sure to let me know.

That’s 6 ways to enter. Don’t miss your chance! Winner will be selected at random on February 1st.


181 thoughts on “Lift Your Sole Giveaway

  1. I like her stuff too much to wait and see if I win! I'm just gonna buy something now, lol, but thanks! I do remember that post, such great jewelery!!! Thanks for reminding me! Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. I would love this to spend on my favorite influence through out my weight loss journey! She's "one tough Mama" and that's what I would buy for her!Thanks for the chance!

  3. awesome!! Clearly, already a follower (through Google Reader, does that count? 🙂 ) and I would Definitely get the 26.2 charm – but can only wear it *after* the marathon, obviously.

  4. It's a tough call b/c there is SO much cool stuff. I would probably go with the Live, Love, Run pendant and a leather necklace to put it on. I am a fan on FB too! Great giveaway!

  5. What GREAT stuff!!! Thanks for turning me onto their site Marlene. I already have several of the necklaces picked out for my runner girlfriends. Ok, I would totally go with the run runnergirl trio (or the 26.2 girl with the flower! I can't' make up my mind!)I became a fan on FB and left a comment AND linked your giveaway on my blog.I think that about covers it. 🙂

  6. i have a charm that says 13.1 and i wear it with pride. I would love one that says 26.2 and keep it as a motivational piece as im training for my FULL Marathon!!! 🙂

  7. I LOVE those charms… 1) I would DEFINITELY get the "SMall but Mighty" along with other 26.2 charms. I want a marathon charm bracelet. 2) I Became a fan!!!!3) Left a comment on the fan page4) I'm DEF a follower!!!!5)I'll go link it right now :)I WANNA WIN!!!!

  8. 1) I'd be split between getting the small Run charm (like the one you have) or the "26.2: Courage to start, Strength to endure, Resolves to finish" pendant.

  9. i think i would get a custom charm that said "fearless" (or another good word if i could think of one! maybe "fortitude"? hmmm.)i like morgan's excuse though… too sweet of her!

  10. I love LYS and I am now a fan on Facebook! I bought a few things for Christmas and would love to get the little runner figures…one for me and one for my 8 y/o daughter who is becoming quite the runner already. Thanks for the offer!

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