Loaded Calendar

I hit the gym again this morning! 4-for-4!

It’s time to reveal my race plan for 2010!

January 9 – 10: Goofy Challenge complete!

March 7: Chilly Half Marathon
Hoping to PR on this flat & fast out-and-back course in Burlington, ON.

March 28: Around the Bay 30K
Seeking 30K redemption (although it will be treated as a training run) at North America’s oldest road race. “Older than Boston!”

April 3 – Harry’s Spring Run-Off
A 5K tune-up race to see if I can still find some speed in these legs.

April 18 – MontrΓ©al Half Marathon
A 100% FUN RUN as part of a weekend getaway with another couple.

May 2 – Sporting Life 10K
Hoping to PR for the 3rd consecutive year on this famously fast, downhill course.

May 16 – Mississauga Marathon
Here it is, my goal marathon. I’ve run the half on this course and enjoyed it – hoping for good things with my 4th marathon.

May 30 – Ottawa Half Marathon
Another FUN RUN as part of a cottage weekend with hubs and some friends from my training group.

June 6 – Mud Run (10K)
The tag-line says it all with this crazy, dirty trail run. This will be the 3rd consecutive year for Team Nucking Futs.

June 12 – Wine Country Run (10K)
Looking forward to more wine tastings along this route through the scenic Niagara vineyards.

June 19 (& August 14) – Toronto City Chase
Amazing Race style adventure race with challenges and check points to complete along the way. This will be my 3rd and 4th times participating. (The series makes TWO stops in Toronto.)

June 26 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon
Looking forward to hanging with some awesome bloggers and keeping up with them for as long as my legs will allow. My first Rock ‘n’ Roll event and 5th marathon!

July 10 – Rebecca Run (5K)
A wonderful local event that takes place at the park where I run regularly. Hoping to defend my title as first place female from last year!

I realize that I have seven races planned for May and June, two of which being marathons. The calendar is loaded, but most will be completed as fun runs … or training runs with style.

August, Septepmber, October, November, December… TBD!


39 thoughts on “Loaded Calendar

  1. Girl, you have some BIG plans! I thought I was off the hook in having to set some plans up on my calendar for the year. I thought you'd forget to post your calendar and then I could just coast along but now I feel like I better get my act together! Well, after April.

  2. looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have a lot of fun races πŸ™‚ an d… a lot of them πŸ™‚ hehehe. but that's the way to roll if you love running and racing (which it is pretty clear you do!) i'm excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish i could come to rock and roll but it is clear now i can't. just got accepted to my #1 grad program and it is $75,000/ 2yrs, and i need to relaly start hanging on to all the money i make before i have to stop working!!!!!!!!!1 yowzaaaa.

  3. yowsahs! How do you not get injured?! Sorry, that's jealousy speaking–I totally wish you the best of luck!!! I can't wait to read your race recaps!!!

  4. Um, I love it! Are you going to do five marathons this year?I'm also doing Around the Bay, Harry's (both the 5 and 8), sporting life, and mississauga full

  5. Looks like a great schedule! My sister is running the Mississauga Marathon as well! We will have to meet up for he expo or something since I will be up there to show my support! πŸ˜€

  6. You are going to be one busy racing girl! I think it's great, I ran 17 races last year and I say as long as you can do it, GO FOR IT!!! Can't wait to follow your journey!

  7. yes I agree a definite rock star schedule. I feel like I need to step it up with my two races I have planned. I will be at running the Seattle Half. I ran it last year as my first half. Good times…looking forward to meeting other bloggers as well….HAPPY RUNNING!

  8. Whoooooa! This is crazy, and I LOVE IT! "training runs with style." …. welcome to my world! πŸ˜‰ haha If you're like me, you'll probably end up "Racing" more of them than you plan to – but in a way that makes you realize your fitness level is above what you expected, not in a way that you push it too hard and get injured (well, let's hope not!!!) πŸ™‚ I might be loooking into that Wine run…I remember that one from last summer and it sounds SO FUN!

  9. ANother amazing year of training – wow. I am not sure I get the new Chilly course. It looks like 2 turn around – out one way, back to lakeshore, turn at burloak and back but I am directionally/map challenged.

  10. nice! i will see u at 2 of those events! great calendar. cant wait to see what you choose for the fall time?you're not doing the Hartwell Challenge this year?

  11. good lord! you are a racing machine yet again. are a lot of these somewhat nearby, or are you just loaded πŸ˜‰ there are only so many local races near me / i am not good at committing to races haha. looks to be a fun first half of the year though!

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