20K for Haiti

Yesterday I took part in the Run for Haiti/Mission for Solidarity, a 20 kilometre run to raise funds for relief efforts in Haiti.

The run started at 9:30 and took place downtown along the Toronto water front. A bunch of us from my training group drove and ran together. The run was casual, but well-organized and well-supported. The event raised over $15,000 for Haiti relief, which will be matched by the Canadian Government.

It was extremely cold and windy down on the lake, which made it feel even colder. I wore just about every piece of winter gear I own and still worried that I would be cold. As it turns out, I warmed up pretty quickly and felt pretty comfortable for most of the run, except for my face which was constantly frozen.

Group shot before the run… we are a colourful bunch. (I’m in the pompom hat.)

City skyline view over the water along the trail. It is extremely unusual that we don’t have any snow on the ground, but January has been pretty mild around here until the cold snap this week.

The 5K turn-around, which we saw twice. We ran an out-and-back-and-out-and-back.

Photo op on the bridge.

And group shot post-run.

I kept the pace comfortable for most of the run, and picked it up for the last couple kilometres. It was by no means a race, just a training run for a good cause.

20.0 KM

After the run, we were treated to bagels, hot soup and free Gu! A great morning overall.

And now it’s time to do it all over again with a 19K group run…


31 thoughts on “20K for Haiti

  1. Brrrr!There was a run for Haiti here in Seattle, too, but I didn't even hear about it till Saturday morning (the day OF the run). They didn't do a very good job letting people know about it. Hopefully, they raise a lot of money, though.

  2. Great job and so awesome that ya'll raised so much for the Haiti relief!As far as being cold goes, seriously? I mean you should be a pro after Disney! 🙂

  3. Sigh…"only a training run for a good cause" My dream is to complete my first half-marathon (in May) in under 2:30…with a dream time of 2:15! 🙂 You are amazing. It was indeed a great cause…and you are an inspiration! …and now 19K, wow! 🙂

  4. Looking gooood in all your winter gear! 🙂 You guys deserve huge kudos just for getting out to run in that COLD cold weather!

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