Long Weekend Recap

On Friday night we stayed in and watched the Opening Ceremonies, along with most Canadians. It was a spectacular show, with the exception of a slightly embarrassing technical difficulty during the final cauldron lighting (oops).

Saturday morning I headed out early for a cold but sunny 10K run. I caught a glimpse of my colourful self in the mirror and had to snap a pic.

(Don’t mind the mess of my bathroom counter or unmade bed in the background…)

We did some family visiting on Saturday afternoon followed by spaghetti dinner with hubby’s dad. Perfect carbo loading for my unofficial “Million Inch Run” on Sunday morning.

I met up with my training group for our scheduled long run of about 22KM/13.6mi. I decided to add on a few extra on my own before we headed out, finishing the run with a total of 25.7KM/16mi, or 1,013,760 inches.

It was a pretty nice morning and a great run despite some sloppy footing resulting from overnight snowfall. We ran one of our typical “scenic” (read: hilly) routes where we faced several long, gradual (and some not-so-gradual) climbs. It makes us stronger, right?? Post-run Valentine’s Day cupcakes (courtesy of yours truly) made it all worthwhile.

Hubs and I spent the rest of Sunday eating too much chocolate and a few indulgent meals while watching the Olympics.

We even toasted Canada’s first ever gold medal on Canadian soil with some Jackson Triggs Vancouver 2010 Ice Wine in my grandfather’s official 1988 Calgary Olympics glasses.

Today we’re having a pretty quiet day, going to see a movie this afternoon and later on watching – you guessed it – more Olympics!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and Valentine’s Day. I’ll be catching up with you soon!


33 thoughts on “Long Weekend Recap

  1. Great 1,013,760 inches run! I like your outfit! You look colorful and happy. I didn't even notice the mess in your bathroom/bedroom until you pointed it out…so um…CLEAN! :)i love wine…that looks good! I watched parts of the opening ceremony. I really wish I could have seen all of it. I'm really enjoying the Winter Olympics for the first time! Yeah Canada!

  2. I have some ice wine in my fridge that I need to try. Yum! We watched a ton of Olympics, too. (My husband is Canadian.) Way to go on the million inches! Have a great week.

  3. Hahah, I like the inches conversion – never thought of doing that :). I do like the speed skating but am having a hard time this year getting into cold weather sports. Hum. I totally loved your outfit (and unmade bed 🙂 ). Have a great week!!

  4. Hope you enjoyed your extra day off!! I have like 5 different TV stations recording the olympics! Seriously wish i was there! Glad you had a good weekend! I ate way too much chocolate too!

  5. Great job on the runs this weekend – I love three day weekends. I think I need to find a job where I only work 4 days a week.Loved the opening ceremonies – makes me want to come visit Canada. 🙂

  6. I would like to thank you as a Canadian, and therefore representative of all Canadians, for giving us (Australia) one of your athletes (Dale Begg-Smith) so we too could taste the thrill of a medal at the winter Olympics.

  7. umm do you know anyone in the slamatooth tribe? their chief was lookin' pretty good shirtless!ok so that's probably not their real tribal name but that's what it sounded like and i can't find it when i google "canadian aboriginal tribes"

  8. if anyone knows how to bundle in With Styyyyle it's definitely you 😉 haha, cute pic! Ice wine? mmmm, sounds wonderful. perfect post-run indulgence!

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