Three Things Thursday

1. Yesterday morning I got up early for a pre-dawn run so that I could hit up a Spin class last night for the first time in a few weeks. I’ve been having some trouble trying to fit in the mileage I want in addition to strength- and cross-training. Ideally I would love a weekday morning Spin class, but the earliest one is 6:15, which wouldn’t allow me to get to work on time. Hopefully once daylight comes earlier, I can squeeze in a longer run before work at least once a week. I should also get back into my morning gym routine once or twice a week.

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2. We’re expecting some significant snowfall over the remainder of this week. It won’t be as crazy as what some of you have experienced recently, but it should make my next few runs interesting. I have a group tempo/LT run tonight, easy run on Saturday and long run Sunday (somewhat of a taper for next weekend’s Chilly Half Marathon).

3. I have to mention the stellar day that Canada had in the Olympics yesterday, with 4 medals including gold and silver in the Bobsleigh. We have also tied the record number of gold medals ever won by Canada in the Winter Olympics.

(Note: staying up late to watch the Olympics is not conducive to morning workouts…)

Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!

41 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Other than Sat/Sun, my morning workouts have gone out the door. I hate the snow but better now than race day…I am wussing and hitting up the treadmill tonight. People in Burlington are not the best at cleaning their sidewalks…

  2. I'm having the same problem balancing running/cross training. My running store is doing this promotion where if you go to a certain number of evening runs this winter, you get a shirt. Once that is done, I can start running in the morning again. In the meantime, I remain perpetually afraid that I'm going to be too tired to run in the evening if I do cardio in the morning.

  3. i love how excited you are about the olympics. i really haven't gotten to watch much at all. i go to bed so early so i can get up to work out and they don't show coverage till 8. by the time they are done talking about all the pointless stuff, it's bed time!

  4. I love that Chili Pepper dude, he's so cute. I am having trouble fitting everything in, too, and would also like to get back to my morning gym routine. It's so hard when it's so cold out…err. Thanks for your pickmeup words today on me bloggie – I am feeling a lot better today!! Happy Thursday to you!! 🙂

  5. Great job on fitting in all the workouts that you are doing! I keep telling myself that I am going to get up early and run but it's just too cold outside.

  6. Canadian Hockey came back… cannot believe they lost to the US. That's absolutely crazy.ok so another topic– I think I want to run my first canadian province??? (Is that what they're called??) This year whenever I have a free weekend. What would you reccomend? I'm thinking the summer months would be good!

  7. GO CANADA! Everytime ya'll get a medal I think of my bloggy friends! 🙂 I always wonder why they don't ever have an earlier spin class at gyms. SOOOOOO many people would benefit from a 5am class!

  8. I REALLY need to try this "Spin" thing – it seems like all the rage in the XT world of runners 😉 hehI haven't been keeping up with the Olympics much – ya know, no TV thing 😉 haha (your comment cracked me up) – but yay! go canada!p.s. OOF – I also hope you don't geta s much snow as we did!!! Fingers crossed for ya!

  9. Yeah Canada did really well yesterday! I watched them destroy Russia in hockey! i am having trouble getting in all the workouts I want too. Unless I want to be exhausted, two a days with spin class and a run in the morning doesnt really work for me. Its hard!! I am starting to see the sunrise when I am driving to work so this is a good sign!

  10. i watched lots of the Olympics last night also. the boys won in hockey and a gold AND silver in bobsleigh. AND a bronze in speed skating. we had an awesome day!!!ya this weather is unbelievable.I wonder what the weekend will be like.also, i noticed on Linzi's page that you wanna try out Body Combat. We have that at my gym. Mayeb one day you would like to join me for a workout and we can do the class together.let me know.Happy Thursday!!ps. how are u always the first to comment!!???!!! hahhahaha

  11. GOOD!!! TAKE THE SNOW AND KEEP IT! It belongs up there in cold canada anyway. :)wait a minute, running in the daylight before work? when the sun comes up earlier they just make us come into work earlier! booooo. i am soo looking forward to working 'regular' (office) hours again one day (vs jobsite). i can run at 5/530am or 530pm instead of 4am or 7pm! one day… one day. (maybe?)

  12. i am going to totally have to try spinning. I don't work that much and i have a hard time fitting in i can't even imagine how it is for you full time working folks

  13. Spinning early in the morning is tough!! Thankfully our days are getting longer so that may help to squeeze in runs elsewhere. Good luck trying to fit it in!And yeah for our Canadian women!! They have been kicking butt at these Olympics, eh?

  14. I have been daydreaming of running early mornings again in the semi light and warm weather. My favorite time. I'm finding it extremely difficult to want to take 20 minutes to get dressed for a 30 min. run outside lately. spring is just around the corner, although I haven't quite figured out which one yet.

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