Foto Friday

Our LT run was cancelled yesterday due to particularly miserabe conditions and we set out for an “easy” 10K instead. There wasn’t anything “easy” about it as we slipped around on black ice (one guy went down in the first 5 minutes and Juliana saved my a$$ from going down too!), trudged through snow, fought whipping winds and wiped snow from our stinging eyes.

Yesterday Shelley asked for before/during/after photos, so here they are.

Before – in the car and not too sure about running in that weather.

Check out my MITTENS!

“During” (post-run) – in the car and glad to be done.
I realize that I don’t really look any different, except maybe a bit wet. The snow and ice had already melted from my eye lashes and hat.

After – this is how you’ll usually find me after a cold winter run.
(I got home just in time to see the Canadian Women win GOLD in hockey!)

Have a great weekend!

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42 thoughts on “Foto Friday

  1. You always look so good in your running photos!! We got pounded last night with snow and all the schools are closed here today! I wish my company would have a snow day! I ended up having to dig out my car because I couldn't back up! Have a good weekend!

  2. Kudos to you for running in such cold weather! My favorite thing after surfing in cold water is a super hot shower! Oh and congrats on kicking our butts in Women's hockey! It was awesome to see the crowd support they had in that stadium on TV. Bring on the Men's Hockey! PS – Being a Florida boy, I know nothing about hockey and feel like a European trying to watch American Football when I see it, but it's still fun to watch in the Olympics!

  3. Oh my gosh you are soooo cute!! Look at that fun blanket.. Sounds to me like you need some yaktrax, I borrowed a pair from my buddy so I will be testing them in Colorado…maybe if it os not too cold.I love all the colors in your outfit…so stylin

  4. oh my gosh i love your winter accessories!!!! so colorful!!!!! love the pictures you are very photographable, even cold πŸ™‚ we've had CRAZY winds here!!!! i/m scared to be out in it too long and umbrellas don't work (even a new one i tried still got blown out)!! it is crazy!

  5. how do you MOVE in all that gear??!! Very. Impressive.the after picture looks sooo cozy. love that blanket, heh. πŸ˜‰ have a good weekend! STAY WARM!

  6. great photos!great mitts! i went to zellers (actually 3 of them, and they are all sold out 😦 )love the m&m blanket that you have.and LET'S GO CANADA!!!!! our Women team rocked last nite and today, the men will win also!!!!

  7. careful w/ the black ice. a guy in our running club fell the other day. he thought he just scratched up his face but it turns out he shattered some cheek bones. he now has a plate in his face.

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