"Canada’s Golden Games"

It was an unforgettable night as Canada not only won the gold medal in the most intense hockey game I have ever seen, but also broke the record for the most gold medals ever won in the Winter Olympics.

It was a celebration of epic proportions as we watched the game surrounded by friends & family, and the moment that Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal in overtime is not one that can be described in words.

When the game went into OT, I made a few “deals” with the Hockey Gods should Canada win the Gold Medal, and I will remain true to my word. As such:

(1) I will be running in my Canada hockey jersey at the Chilly Half Marathon next weekend, and

(2) Hubs and I will be naming our first-born child (whenever the time comes!) after Sidney Crosby (perhaps as a middle name since we already have a niece named Sydney).

We take our hockey and Canadian pride very seriously.

I have never been so proud to be Canadian! And this morning I have quite the “Olympics hangover”.

Full weekend recap to follow……


32 thoughts on “"Canada’s Golden Games"

  1. I had goosebumps watching that winning goal!! Good deals. AHHH CHILLY HALF IS NEXT WEEK. I made a deal with the hockey gods too. I'd do my 20k yesterday but the boys had to win gold. I'm pretty sure my run caused them to win. LOL!!

  2. it was such a good game!!since those jerseys are so long i think you should also run shorts/pants-less ;)also his middle name is patrick i believe (per my googling skills)so you could always name your kid that. sidney with an 'i' is not the cutest name. the 'y' version is cuter but like you said, already have a niece. and naming a kid crosby would make me think of bill crosby haha.

  3. You have every reason to be proud. Canada made an awesome Olympic showing. I take comfort in the fact that 3 players on Canada's hockey team are Chicago Blackhawks so you're welcome! 😉 Or maybe I should say thank you!

  4. Yay Canada! What an exciting game!I didn't make any deals with the hockey gods, but I feel like I need to give an offering of thanks – perhaps an extra hard run today!

  5. ha!! WOW – those are not betting terms to be taken lightly…you really DO love you some hockey (and Cananda) 🙂

  6. i give you the #1 fan award!!!!! and didya know your mittens are in high demand? i saw that on NBC nightly news :)you have so many races!!! i love it!!! a half coming up. you go girl!

  7. That was such a kick-ass game it was unbelievable! A tying goal with only 30sec go!!! CRAZY!!! of course we are disappointed, but if we had to lose to anyone, glad it was Canada, especially on home ice:) Congratulations on a stellar performance!!

  8. Hahah I love it! making deals with the Hockey gods! It really was such a good game and I am sad USA lost but I am glad it was so close and I am happy for the Canadians!

  9. An "Olympic Hangover!" Love it. Definitely adding that to my vocab! And OMG Canada and Hockey. Dude, I watched that Hockey Game… and the females… and I was getting excited for you guys too! I had no idea what I was watching and didn't even know they had overtime or what was going on, but dude you guys were so stoked! Congrats!

  10. cant wait to see the pix from the Chilly race! those jerseys are going to rock!and sidney as a child's name is great. the bf and i joked about that the other day too! hahhahahah.so canadian, eh? hehehappy monday

  11. While it will sound like American betrayal, I'm glad Canada won hockey gold. It means more to you than it does to us, so I'm happy for you guys!

  12. Congratulations on the win!!!! I (although I would not mention this to my friends) was secretly rooting for Canada! Above all- it was a great game! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!

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