Three Things Thursday – the "lucky" edition

***Please note that I’ve added some coupon codes at the bottom of the Bondi Band post.***

1. I recently won Mom’s Best Naturals Cereals from The Happy Runner. Read the full review on Mom’s Best here.

I was expecting to receive a couple of trial-size boxes, so I was pleasantly surprised when this arrived!

I’ve already put a good dent in both boxes and they have definitely earned my approval. The Sweetened Wheat Fulls and Raisin Bran are very similar to Kelloggs’ Frosted Mini Wheats and Raisin Bran respectively, two of my all-time favourite cereals. What I like more about Mom’s Best Naturals is that they use “only the highest quality ingredients. There’s nothing artificial, no added saturated fat or hydrogenated oils, no high fructose corn syrup.” Tastes great and better for you!

2. I was also the lucky winner of a Core Ball + DVD set from Setting You Free. These arrived yesterday and I didn’t waste any time trying them out.

The DVD offers “A wide range of beginning level routines teach the basics of working with a ball while progressively challenging routines allow you to power sculpt your abs. There is no better way to get fit and in shape than with these core ball routines!”

I obviously haven’t had a chance to get through every routine yet, but I really like what I’ve tried so far. I can definitely see this Core Ball + DVD making regular appearances in my workout schedule.

^ Not the most flattering pose. :/

3. Lastly, the lovely Leana tagged me to receive the Gorgeous Blogger Award!

I’ve been asked to list six random things about me. In keeping with the “lucky” theme, here are six things that I have won in my lifetime.

1. A 7-day trip for two to London, England (took my Mom, June ’07)
2. A first-year scholarship to University
3. Rebecca Run 5K (female winner) – July ’09
4. Hella Sound Running Track
5. Lift Your Sole jewelry
6. Agave Number 9 gels

Sadly, I have not yet won the lottery…. (sigh)

Want to get lucky??

KALYX Sports Bra @ Setting You Free

Inperspire Towels @ Tall Mom on the Run

Kettleworx Essentials @ Running Off at the Mouth


32 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday – the "lucky" edition

  1. that is prolly the extent of my luck today πŸ™‚ i tend not to be lucky… but WOW hopefully i get some of your good vibes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those are 2 of my fave cereals as well!!! but i haven't had the Mom's Best version, sounds like a must try. you are so cute with you cereal pic, love it!!!! and way to rock the exercise ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats all around!!!! love when you get things you really will use/enjoy.

  2. wow you are lucky!! How did you win the trip to London?? My granddad used to be addicted to entering giveaways and he would enter our names too. We would get random weird stuff in the mail! He won a few trips to Hawaii. He never shared his secret to winning though!

  3. i always find that when it rains it pours with winning blog giveaways – i will win like 3 in a row then none for a while… hopefully my winning streak will be back soon πŸ™‚

  4. i love ball workouts and I love the fact I can do the workouts at home. My core has gotten so much stronger. Thanks for sharing the video. I may need to try it

  5. wow you ARe lucky. LUCKY! i love those exer-balls. i even have one in my office at work! even if it has basically tuned into a chair for my co-workers, but you know… whatevs. i have done that ab move before with it, KILLER.

  6. Yay! You have been lucky lately! I won some real cool mittens from this really cool blogger the other day πŸ™‚ Haha, and by the way I love them they are SO warm!!!

  7. You are a pretty lucky girl- perhaps it will rub off on me! I have really enjoyed just reading your blog- how did I not know about it before?!?!Good wishes for March 28!

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