Three Things Thursday

1. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments on my Race Report. I’ve been asked to share a few words on the subject tonight at my clinic… hmm, how can I compact that long winded report into just a few minutes?

2. I ran a light 10K on Tuesday that felt pretty good, though I definitely noticed some lingering soreness and fatigue. I headed out for another light run yesterday evening, a 5K jaunt to the grocery store where hubs was waiting for me. Tonight we have an 11K run with 5K tempo run with clinic; not sure what to expect out of my legs, but I won’t push it too much, especially with our first 30K (18.6mi) run of this training cycle coming up on Sunday!

3. What do you think of my new hair cut?

P.S. Win workout towels @ The Happy Runner and One More Mile gear @ Endurance Isn’t Only Physical.


47 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Wow, I never thought you would go that short! Looks good. Do you like it?You can condense the report no problem! Just talk about how good it felt. And you knew you had it in you, you just had to find it!xo

  2. i love love love your haircut!!! super cute and fabulooooous πŸ™‚ looks very lightweight!btw if a second comment of mine shows up it is b/c wordpress was weird about me being not signed in.

  3. i freaking love it!!! i'm so jealous of people with cute hair styles. my hair sucks!! this is perfect on you! man, losing weight, new hair…it's the new marlene!

  4. LOVE IT!! You and Morgan – chop chop'n hairs off – are making me want to do the same! Summer around the corner…long hair..ehh.. ;)have fun at the group run tonight!

  5. Umm, can I just tell you how much I LOVE your new haircut? Looks HAWT!I will need at least a trim and color within the next month or so, and have been thinking about cutting it shorter… just so it's long enough to get in a ponytail for summer. It's so thick and long right now that I struggle to get my swim cap on and stay on! LOL

  6. Cute haircut! I really like it!PS – great job on your half marathon! Also, thanks for putting the conversions on your website…it would be so easy if we just used the metric system!! πŸ™‚

  7. Love your hair! It totally fits you and now you kinda look like Morgan the redhead!! Hope everyone enjoyed your mini race report at the clinic!

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