It sounds like many of us have been “enjoying” a windy & rainy weekend. Kudos to everyone else who braved the elements and got out there for some damp miles.

My 11K run yesterday morning set the tone for this weekend: it was extremely windy (40 kph/25 mph ++) and started to sprinkle toward the end of the run.

It ended up raining all afternoon yesterday, all night long and has been raining all day today. Needless to say, it did not let up for our long run this morning.

My group had a 30K/18.6mi long run on the schedule for today, and I certainly wasn’t going to let the weather stop me.

The temp was cool (just above freezing), the skies were grey, the wind gusted and it rained the entire time.

There wasn’t a whole lot of chatter as we buckled down against the wind and tried to ignore the dampness soaking into our skin. Although we were quieter that usual, misery does love company and we got through the miles together. One of our friends even came out to set up an aid station for us, complete with water, Gatorade, strawberries, bananas, cookies and chocolate.

There may have been a lot of whining, complaining and even cursing along the way, but we got it done.

30.0 KM / 3:00:32

(A 4:31 improvement over my 30K race last summer.)

Post-run pic in the washroom before a long, hot bath. (This is what my new hair cut looks like after a long, wet run.)


48 thoughts on “Soggy

  1. great job on the run!!!it was kinda ugly out there. i did not go out. i am still saying that i am in vacation mode until tomorrow, and thats when all the fun and running starts!!!!

  2. Wow all I have to say is, you look pretty amazing after running 30k in the rain/wind! I looked more ridiculous than that after running errands today. My hair was a frizzy situation lets just say haha. Let's hope we are all going to enjoy some seriously good weather after this!

  3. Nicely done! The rain and wind came here today, which made me happy it's a rest day. I guess the good thing about running in the rain is after you're wet, you can't get any wetter so you might as well keep on keeping on!

  4. Way to get it done!! How sweet of your friend to bring all those snacks. πŸ™‚ I ran this morning and was lucky that while it was dreary out, at least the rain held off. πŸ™‚

  5. How does the bondi band work with hair your length? My hair is the same length and had been worried about purchasing one, unsure whether it would do its thing with hair that is short(ish) in the back…

  6. Great job doing the whole 30K in the rain and cold. Friends do make runs like that much easier.. Especially friends who set up aid stations!

  7. Awesome run! You are hardcore, running through rain, cold and wind…ugh! Very cool of your friend to set up an aid station under these conditions…I'm impressed.

  8. Way to not let the rain and soggy weather keep you inside! It was too much for me… i didnt make it out! Oh well though!! Great job on the run! πŸ™‚ I love your green tshirt!

  9. yeah I wimped out on the outdoors running this weekend. that is awesome that your 30k was faster this time around even with the bad weather! Hope you had a good rest of the weekend!

  10. Marlene, you are a MACHINE!!!Every time I complain about "cold" weather I have to remind myself what others like you have to deal with. Way to tough things out on your long run. And your haircut looks to be ideal for cold & wet weather as well as hot & humid. Lucky you!

  11. Your steady but very strong improvement is really exciting. I will enjoy it vicariously as I take off six weeks following surgery later this week, but I hope to see you at Harry's where I plan to walk or at least make an appearance.

  12. Not letting the weather stop ya – that's what I like to hear!! πŸ˜‰ My run was definitely a wet one too, I literally came in DRIPPING, but in a *great* mood… heh, who knows. hope you had a good wkend!

  13. soggy is right!!!!! ugh. the worst is getting cold if you stop or if the wind gets through. way to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a 4+ min PR over your 30k race time?!? in a training run! way to go marlene. that is hard work right there. buckling down, for sure. get the job done πŸ™‚

  14. Nothing worse than wind…err! And then wind and rain! You so strong to get out there in that stuff and fight it out! Nice job….and nice pic, the hair looks cute in the band :).

  15. Wow. Great job getting out there both days! Very impressive. I imagine it helped a little to have other runners there to support each other get through it! Definitely deserve major kudos!!

  16. Way to get out there anyways! I think the weather tries to tease us. But in the end we are the winners when complete a successful run. It also makes those sun shiny days so much more worth it! πŸ™‚ Good Job!

  17. I am impressed with your efforts! Great job. I used the flooding as a reason (excuse) to rest after my ultra. My toes are finally feeling less painful. Agh, trail shoes! But you will be my inspiration tonight to get off my tush and push that jogger to get ready for the next adventure! Have a great week!

  18. I totally wimped out on a 17 miler on Saturday, so good on you for facing the elements.Thanks for your kind words, I follow your blog cause it reaffirms that there are other dedicated runners out there. I also agree with your hubs that you're much faster than you think. I'll see you around the TO race circuit (I'm doing ATB and the double Harry's — the 5K and 8K! — AND Mississauga!) and no doubt you'll reach that race in Boston one day.

  19. at least it's warmer, right? i didn't run or frolick in the rain this weekend… but you know why :-/ i will have to live through your awesome mileage instead!

  20. I am not a huge fan of running in the rain. If it starts raining when I am out there, that's okay. But stepping out into the rain? Tough. Great job on knocking off all of that time too!

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