Help me make a difference for Kids with Cancer! (***Giveaway!***)

This May I will once again be running Toronto’s infamous Sporting Life 10K to raise money for Camp Oochigeas.

Camp Ooch is a privately funded, volunteer based organization that provides kids with cancer and kids affected by childhood cancer with a unique opportunity for growth through challenging, fun, enriching and magical experiences.

Every child deserves to experience the wonder of camp. After all, enjoying the outdoors and having fun are two integral parts of being a child.

This cause is close to my heart because last January, my good friend Erin’s three-year-old son was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Nolan has had a difficult year, but continues to fight. Camp Ooch makes a difference in Nolan’s life and we can help them make a difference in the lives of all Kids with Cancer.

We were the top fundraising team last year and with your help, we hope to have the same success this year!

If you would like to make a donation (no amount is too small), please visit my fundraising page.


For each $1 donation, your name will be entered in a draw to win a shoebox filled with goodies. The contents will remain a surprise as I continue adding to the shoebox right up until the event date of May 2nd. A winner will be randomly selected at that time.

If you make a donation, please email me at sykes (dot} marlene (at) yahoo (dot) ca to secure your entry.

Thank you so much for your support!


27 thoughts on “Help me make a difference for Kids with Cancer! (***Giveaway!***)

  1. I've got the fundraising page marked and will let you know when I make a donation. Would it be okay if I posted the link on my FB page and blog as well to try to get donations for you?

  2. well since there are m&m's maybe i will donate again… ;)morgan showing me up with the "comment" i didn't know you could do that!i wonder if this is considered USD or CAD?

  3. very cool marlene!!!! i'm seconding denise's request that you keep the link on your front blog page so when i have my wallet i can go there easily 🙂 also i love the xtra incentive with a giveaway (i love surprises!!!). i'm all about principles of behavior and reward systems and motivation 🙂

  4. Sweet Nolan – I'll be praying for him. I am running my marathons in honor of my cousin's little by who has Leukemia. Cancer is such a wretched thing. So proud of you for your fundraising efforts!

  5. Hey, thanks for donating for the Harry's campaign, done the same for you. no need to add my name to the draw, other deserving bloggers should have a chance 🙂

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