Weekend Wrap-Up and Look What I Got!

First things first, look what I got!

Here’s what she looks like up-close.

I didn’t want a mountain bike, but didn’t necessarily want a road bike either, so hybrid was the way to go. I decided on this one because, well, it was the prettiest bike in the store. What can I say? I was just looking for something to ride casually and leisurely and it seemed like a good fit. It’s super comfortable and I pretty much smile like a goofy kid as soon as I get on.

Hubby got himself a road bike, which is what inspired the bike shopping to begin with. Needless to say, I couldn’t let him have all the fun.


In other news, I ran a pretty awesome (almost) 20-miler with the group yesterday morning. It was a particularly scenic hilly mountainous route with some memorable climbs, but lots of good company for distraction. One of our companions who is currently recovering from an injury was kind enough to set up another amazing aid station for us complete with fluids and plenty of fruit and goodies. We are truly spoiled!

I felt fantastic (though definitely sore in the later miles) and ran my fastest pace yet on a 30K+ run.

32.0 KM (19.9 mi) – 3:08:21 – 5:53/km (9:28/mi)

For comparison I ran a 20-miler last August at an average pace of 6:23/KM (10:16/mi) and in December at an average pace of 6:20/KM (10:11/mi).

After the run (and after indulging in many leftover goodies from our aid station), I forced myself into an ice bath for the first time in months. There may have been some cursing and a lot of grumbling, but these legs definitely needed it.

Including a nice and easy 10K run on Saturday morning, that wraps up another “marathon distance” weekend.

Next Sunday: Around the Bay 30K, the oldest road race in North America.


54 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up and Look What I Got!

  1. Love the new wheels! Uber cuteness! 🙂 Great job on that 20 miler! I'm so jealous. Yup, I'm jealous. I miss running LONG runs. I need a new marathon to train for STAT.

  2. Lovin' the new ride! 🙂 Can't wait to hear more about your riding adventures!And WAY TO GO on the 20 miler! You are making such great speedy gains! 🙂 Happy Monday, Marlene!

  3. u got a bike! coool!!!! maybe a duathlon is in ur future, as well!! hahha. i think u would be really good at it. U have the legs of steel and the determination of a ……….marathoner?? hehe.gread job on ur run this weekend and i cant believe u took an ice bath. i dont know if i can ever actually get thru one! i almost cried when i attempted on the other day.taper week this week for u???happy monday!

  4. Cute new bike. I like the hybrids – they seem perfect for just riding around. Great job on the marathon distance this weekend!

  5. Hooray bike – it looks like so much fun! This post does nothing for my want for a bike of my own though (haha).Great work on the run too – that's such awesome improvement!!

  6. I LOVE that bike! LOVE IT! Never knew about hybrids! AH! Jogging stroller or pretty bike?!?! Now you've given me a hard decision! Good luck with ATB! Hope the weather is WAY better than last year!

  7. Oh I'm so jealous!!! I am FINALLY getting a bike (like you, just for leisurely rides) this year, and I still haven't made it in to get it! It keeps getting put off for one reason or another. Wednesday should be the day!!

  8. I got a hybrid a little over a year ago (before I started running) and I haven't really used it much. I'm hoping to ride more when it warms up. Great job on the run, that's quite an improvement.

  9. Love the new ride!! Making me want to bust out my cruiser bike and go for a ride. YAY! I also picked my bike based on looks! 😉 Congrats on your awesome run. How awesome to kick butt at a 20 miler!

  10. Congratulations on the new bike! You look so happy and it is definitely a pretty bike! I have no doubt that you are really going to enjoy it.And wow, what an amazing improvement on your 20 mile times! That is fantastic!

  11. wheee a bike!! :)the oldest race in NA huh!!! that is awesome!!! can't wait to hear about it. looks like laura is running that one, too !WAHOOOO 20 miler and faster and faster you go 🙂

  12. YAY, a bike!! I think cycling is such a fun way to be able to spend time with a loved one. Enjoy your new toy. Good luck on your race this weekend. I have no doubt you'll do well after that awesome near 20-miler!

  13. The bike looks like fun. Makes me want to get mine out of the attic – yikes! don't ask what it's doing in the attic – and ride with the kids this spring. Winks & Smiles,Wifey

  14. Oh, I must be tired! When I first saw your picture with the tree behind you, I thought the tree posts were some sort of training/posture contraption attached to the bike! On second look, the bike looks a lot more fun to ride, and I'm glad it's the tree being trained to stand up straight!

  15. Awe sweeeeeet bike!! Love it! And awesome job on the 20-miler – you're just cranking along at some great speed there, girl! Have a great week, it was good to get caught up with you after being away for awhile!

  16. You look so very cute on that bike!! Have lots of fun with it. Your pace has gotten so strong. Good for you. All the hard work has certainly paid off! Nice job girl.

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