Three Things Thursday

1. I finally got some new kicks! I’ve been needing another pair of my trusty Saucony ProGrid Stabil CS‘s for weeks now, but I always have trouble tracking down my size. (This time I got two pairs!) A pair actually came in 2 weeks ago and they were my usual size 10.5, but they were too big! We compared them with my previous 10.5 and there was definitely a difference. Ugh! We were able to send them back and thankfully the new pair(s) fit just right. And the best part is, I got a new colour! Every pair I’ve had previously has been blue. Introducing: PLUM!

Check out the worn down heel on my old pair. Yikes!

2. It was freeeeezing for our group run tonight! Hard to believe I was able to wear shorts and a tank last Thursday. We had an LT run on the schedule, I opted to skip the LT portion to save my legs for Sunday.

3. Speaking of which…. Sunday, March 28th: Around the Bay 30K, “Older than Boston”

I’ve registered and been unable to run in both 2008 (ITBS) and 2009 (separated shoulder). Here’s hoping third time’s the charm!

While this race is technically a training run for my upcoming marathon(s), I’m definitely seeking some 30K redemption from that miserable race last summer.

As usual, I have three goals:

A. (I hope I can) 2:50:00 (4:00 marathon pace)
B: (I think I can) sub-3:00:00
C: (I know I can) PR sub-3:05:03

Around the Bay is known for its challenging rolling hills in the final 10K and the weather is not looking good. Keeping this in mind, I don’t expect to achieve my “A” goal, but I don’t want to sell myself short either. Anything could happen!


38 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. This weather is crazy right now! I had to pull the tights and gloves back out tonight! grr.. Anyways, good luck this weekend – you'll rock it! And super cute new shoes. love the color!

  2. We're getting dumped on here in DC today, hope that's not your forecast for the race!! Ugh. Either way, you'll definitely get one of those goals – you always do 😉 good luck this weekend!!!

  3. You'll rock it. I like that last 10km the best as it is truly the prettiest part of the course.Don't forget to high five the grim reaper at the cemetery at the last 3km of the race….and low five the little person if he is there just past the RBG.

  4. nice shoes. i like the plum colour!!! and yes u can PR. i am sensing 2:48:51. I think u can do it. just dress warm….its freeeeeeeezing out there!

  5. there has only been one race i registered for and wasn't able to run. i hate that!!! gosh!!! you really need to get this one 🙂 third time IS the charm 🙂 GOOD LUCK!!! i'll be out there racing on sunday, too, so i will think of you 🙂 good luck vibes!!! –> –>

  6. Been checking the hourly forecast.. it looks like it may start raining an hour before the race starts.. crazy.. last year was hard but kinda fun in the rain.

  7. My last new pair of Sauconys were too big in my regular size too . . .good luck this weekend! You have been so speedy lately, I'm predicting a big PR. 🙂

  8. I get to break in my new kicks soon too! Yay!!!Good luck this weekend! I love that they claim the fame "older than Boston" you crazy Canadians! 🙂 LOL!

  9. Hey it's Katherine (that used to hang out on WB). I start half-marathon training next week and I've been reading your blog for inspiration.Love the new shoes, I bought a new pair last week for when I start my training too. They seem so…white and clean lol.

  10. i hope your race went well!! hooray for new shoes 🙂 i purposely insist on different colors when i go… everyone tells me i should not pick shoes based on the color but i'm like HELLO i wear these everyday, i do not want boring/ugly 🙂

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