Harry’s Spring Run-Off (5K) Race Report

Late this morning we headed downtown for Harry’s Spring Run Off at High Park, Toronto. Kenny gave me a heads up a few weeks back that this is not a friendly course to PR (High Park = HILLS), so I went into it without expectations. I planned to take it nice and easy, especially since it was another scorcher of a day, feeling nice and toasty by 11 AM when we toed the line.

We ran into Kenny in the starting area before creeping into the crowded corrals and had a nice little chat.

Jack Layton, leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party and prostate cancer survivor, said a few words before sounding the starting horn.

The route took us along the scenic paved trails of the park. It was pretty narrow, winding and hilly. Fortunately I had been placed in the red (first) corral, so I didn’t have to do much weaving and was able to settle in quickly. Not surprisingly, I soon found myself sucked into the “race vortex” and found myself running faster than planned. I decided to just run with it and put out a decent effort without killing myself.

I spotted hubs around 1.5K and I slowed so he could snap this pic.

I suffered in the heat (those first hot runs are always the worst) and had to work hard to keep up the pace I had started. I sucked back a swig of water (which I ended up choking on) and dumped another cup on my head around half way.

My first three kilometres were progressively faster, but I slowed down a bit in the 4th. There was a massive hill before the final turn to the finish, which was absolutely painful and resulted in my final kilometre being the slowest. I still found my finish kick and totally chicked three guys once we rounded the bend.


Chip time: 24:08.5
Overall: 160/1633
Females: 26/853
F25-29: 4/184

I was very pleased (and surprised) with my placement. This was not a fast race. (The winner was 17:13.6, not fast at all by 5K standards.) I’ll be looking to beat my PR of 22:36 later this season.

We received medals and caps at the finish, in addition to the long-sleeve tech tees. Overall, a great race that I would recommend and run again, though not likely for a PR.

Shout outs to blog-buddies:
Marky Mark who walked the 5K in a very respectable time just a few short weeks after having surgery for his own fight against prostate cancer. Mark also raised a tremendous amount of money for the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and placed in the top 10 fundraisers!
Mel who ran a great 8K! Hmm, Mel and I were both at the Chilly Half, then Around the Bay and now Harry’s. What’s next, Mel??
Kenny who ran both the 5K and 8K today!


43 thoughts on “Harry’s Spring Run-Off (5K) Race Report

  1. Nice run! I love the photo at the finish, you look like you're just tralalala-ing down the street, and the three guys behind you look like they're running like bats out of hell. Perfect shot.

  2. Nice pics, nice "goodies." You got a cap, swag, and a tech shirt for a 5K race?! That's unheard of. I wish I lived closer so I could run it next year. The course looks nice. So, you "chicked" 3 guys, huh?! How do I know they didn't catch you at the finish line?!! Congrats on finishing 4th in your age group.

  3. Thanks Marlene and well done! Your times are just getting better and better both in absolute numbers and your placements. You're approaching elite!This race was huge for me. Take a look at the website for Peggy Huddleston's CD and book to prepare for surgery. Part of the program is to practise visualizing three steps in the healing process. In the first step I saw myself in my hospital room after surgery saying I felt comfortable and with family members around me telling me that things had gone very well. In the second step I saw myself completing a walk 16 days of surgery. So yesterday it came true!For the third step I couldn't decide between my 80th birthday party or going to Paris this summer, as it is our 25th anniversary and we went there for our honeymoon, plus it also is Mrs. MM's 50th. Now I have to decide and that is a good thing.

  4. OK I don't even get medals at my half Marathons.. UGH!!Wow look at that place and the speed on a tough course. Way to rock it out lady!! I almost bought those shorts…but alas my thigh still need some help before tempo shorts will be comfortable..

  5. Wow, that is some GREAT race schwag for a 5K! Really good time for such a hard race. Your form looks awesome inthe pics!! No wonder you chicked so many guys!

  6. Great job on the 5k! That is some sweet stuff you got from that race! Love the picture of you beating the guys! Nice job!!

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