Last night’s 5 x Yasso 800 workout was a success! Once again, too quick on the first, but managed to hang in there and still tore up that last one at puke-threshold pace.

800m splits:


I’ll be heading out for a short and easy run tomorrow morning followed by an epic 35KM (21.75mi) run from our local store to our coach’s house out in the country. I enjoy point-to-point long runs, especially this one which offers gorgeous scenery along the way and a massive brunch fit for a bunch of marathoners when we arrive.

It should come as no surprise that the route will be challenging, including several significant climbs in the second half. Some of our friends who are headed to Boston and therefore tapering will be setting up two refueling/entertainment stations along the way. It’s sure to be a memorable morning!


Race pics!

Chilly Half Marathon

Around the Bay

**I do own more than one race shirt, I just love this one from my first marathon.**

And speaking of race shirts… the folks at Around the Bay were kind enough to send me a ladies medium after I got stuck with the mens originally. Never hurts to ask!

Have a great weekend!


43 thoughts on “TGIF!

  1. Great job on the 800s! So glad you were able to get a womens t-shirt! I hate the mens sizes! Hope you have a great run and a good weekend!

  2. I LOVE that new race shirt!! Looks like a really good fit, and cute color 🙂 Certainly does Not hurt to askGotta love the post-run brunch that serves as a large motivation to just keep goooing 🙂 enjoy the run!

  3. Great job and nice pics. We are doing 35km as well on Sunday..apparently our route takes us past a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream shop…that's cruel in my opinion…

  4. LOVE the ATB shirt. Maybe I'll run it next year just for that.Have a great long run this weekend. It's great that you have such an awesome support network to help get you to the end of the 35k!

  5. Way to go on those 800s!I love the new race shirt – much better than a men's one!Good luck on the 35km run and enjoy the brunch!

  6. oh lala, nice picutres!!! i love race pictures.very nice splits on the Yassos!!! great job.i actually enjoy doing them. will do more of them next week! 🙂

  7. whoohoo! Awesome that you got one of the women's shirts! I love 'em! Your race pics are great! I swear I ran those two races, but only one pic of me at Chilly, which I had to find on my OWN, and none from ATB!??! oh well. Have a great long run!

  8. Swwwwweeeet 800's, girl! You did awesome! Love your race pictures, those are always so fun to look at, you look great! Have a great weekend…yay!!!

  9. The around the bay shirt is super cute! I love the photos of you as well – in that first race you've got such amazing legs muscles – that's how you have such awesome speed!

  10. love the pink shirt! very sweet that they hooked you up with a ladies shirt instead of mens… as much as i like my boxy, oversized men shirts and all :)nice job on the 800s! kinda jealous of that 21miler with brunch at the finish!! (hope it went well)

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