Playing it safe

Instead of my usual lunch intervals on Tuesdays, I decided to switch over to “Tempo Tuesdays” starting today.

As I set out and started my warm-up, I started wondering if that was such a smart idea. I’ve been running very well and I know that my sub-4:00 goal is well within reach. With my goal race just over a month away, injury prevention is key at this point.

I considered the following:

  • a long, hard run on Sunday (I do feel that I have recovered well, but there is some lingering fatigue)
  • this being the second of three peak mileage weeks
  • cramming more mileage than usual into Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday due to an upcoming trip to Montreal this weekend (including a little half marathon on Sunday)
  • I will still get some speed this week with Yasso 800’s on Thursday
  • With the above excuses reasons in mind, I played it safe with an easy 10K instead. It felt great! I will probably be sneaking out for another short run tonight, so I know I made the right call.

    Tempo Tuesdays to commence next week!


    Be sure to drop by RunToTheFinish and get in on the 3 Changes Challenge!

    AND THEN drop by Shut Up & Run to VOTE on the most ridiculous running outfits! Click here to vote for me pretty please!


    36 thoughts on “Playing it safe

    1. I will be posting about my "tempo" run later today. I need to go check out the half marathon you are running on Sunday! I think you followed the right plan!

    2. Yep, that's one of the most ridiculous outfit for sure :). But you DO look cute!! I like Tempo Tuesday, has a nice ring to it so ya gotta stick with that one!

    3. Loving the outfit! The helmet cracked me up! I voted. I think it's good that you played it safe. I was hoping to do track tuesdays again today too, but I struggle running 3 days in a row. Good job though on doing a 10k on your lunch break.

    4. Too funny!Oh, and I saw you leave a comment on Jens blog about a coupon code for RunningSkirts.comMine is still active. Use "endurance" to receive 15% off your order following checkout. (it shows up after you checkout)

    5. Smart move! I am sure your legs were happy with taking a break from the tempo Tuesday!! And you are hilarious in that outfit! Totally crazy!

    6. i reallllly love the boots! how do those work on a long run? ;)i probably would've held back too considering all the very valid points you mentioned. just be sure to rock it out thursday!

    7. safe is always better than sorry, or Injured! You'll also get a Tempo run in at the half-m, as racing just tends to bring it out of ya 😉

    8. BEST RUNNING OUTFIT PICTURE I HAVE EVER SEEN. can i get a close up of those boots??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!double runs today?! awwweweesome!!!! 🙂

    9. that is just hands down awesome. i am so voting for you. HOT! haha. and good move on the runs, better safe than sorry, pretty sure you're already on target to kick some more marathon butt, so really… 🙂 yaya!

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