Check-in from Montréal

We are having a wonderful time in Montreal! This city is beautiful and we’ve been exploring every inch on foot, eating and drinking our way through the famous cafes, bistros and delis as we go.

Yesterday morning we headed out for a little exploration. We laced up, fired up our Garmins and hit the streets, choosing which direction to turn as we went.

We soon found ourselves heading into McGill University campus (gorgeous!).

See that mountain in the background? That’s Mont Royal and we climbed to the look-out through a combination of steep trails and countless steps.

Quick stop for self-timer photo-op part way up:

We eventually made it to the top to take in the city views.

We’re laughing in this pic because I had just traipsed through the massive puddle lake after setting the self-timer, before realizing the water was ankle-deep!

Back down at the bottom:

And the steep descent back to our hotel… we ran up this hill on the way there.

Perhaps not the ideal way to spend the day before a half marathon, but we enjoyed every minute. It’s amazing what you can discover when exploring a city on foot.

We have another full day here in Montreal, so stay tuned for more of our adventures and my half marathon recap.

Good luck to everyone running Boston tomorrow!


39 thoughts on “Check-in from Montréal

  1. How cool to view Montreal through your eyes 🙂 …and I'm actually a McGill graduate…beautiful campus and we used to regularly go for walks on the mountain!

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time! That is funny about the big puddle… I hate when I run through puddles and get my feet all wet. But for a perfect photo-opp it would be worth it!! 🙂

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