Montréal Weekend in Pictures

You’ve read about our adventure and you’ve read about our race, so here’s a peak at the rest of our weekend in Montréal.

Excited about breakfast after our morning flight

Checking out the view from our hotel room

Attempting to read a map – it must be comical! (I am directionally challenged)


Catching the aubway

Lunch at the famous Schwartz’s deli for smoked meat sandwiches.

Checking out the view from our rooftop terrace.

Chez Suzette for dinner.

The best french onion soup ever!

Mmmm, crepes! I ordered Chicken a la King.

And the best part:

At the Notre-Dame Basilica:

Having a rest


The long-awaited poutine! Can you tell I’m excited?

Posing with some architecture near our hotel

Au Revoir Montréal!


35 thoughts on “Montréal Weekend in Pictures

  1. I'll be honest. I saw you having difficulty with the map and got worried about City Chase. I have to go back and re-read this post. My fears made me not look properly. LOL LOL LOL :PKidding, looks like you had a great weekend!! 🙂

  2. here are my comments from the last 3 posts…i'm a little behind on reading…i would love to run up all those stairs through the woods! so cool. You are right, that city is gorgeous! great 1/2 time, you will definitely go sub 4:00, i have no doubts about that. did you get a new haircut? or perhaps you dont often post pictures of yourself with your hair down, it looks nice, i like it.

  3. Just catching up girlfriend, congrat's on an awesome race, you just keep getting faster and faster!!Looks as though you had a fantastic time (as always), isn't Montreal just the best? It is so close to me and I haven't been there in years….I feel a road trip coming on.xoxoxo

  4. I wanted to send you some motivation on Amanda's three challenges! I'm totally no help on the 'run fewer races front' 🙂 but you can remember to take water with you on your run by imagining yourself running with me down here in the desert! Water is key!

  5. Sorry I have been mia, just now getting caught up on blogland from being away. I love, love, LOVE your beautiful pictures – thanks for sharing!

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