Tuesday Tidbits

Thanks for all the comments and feedback on Sunday’s run. What a great feeling to have the last loooooong run behind me. I’m feeling more sore and fatigued than usual, so I’ll likely be logging some easy miles tonight and tomorrow before Thursday’s speed work.

As some of you suggested, I will incorporate some Gatorade with my fluid intake in the days leading up to the race. I also plan to use salt capsules because the Eload caps I have been using don’t offer as much sodium as I would like. Sneaker Sister recommended S!Caps which I almost ordered until I discovered the extortionate shipping to Canada. Instead, I went with Salt Stick, which Tall Mom has reviewed in the past.

I just hope it’s not humid on May 16th.


Sporting Life 10K is this weekend. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to Nolan’s Dream Chasers; we have successfully raised $4,300.00 as a team so far.

Special thanks to Melanie, Paula, Alicia, Mark, Patricia, Tonia, Laurel, Jamie, Linzi, Aron, Kenny, Amanda, Heather, Lindsay, Marcia, Anne, Kathleen, Beth and Jen for donating and participating in my fundraising giveaway. The winner will be drawn this weekend after the race. My friend Erin (Nolan’s Mom) even has a few goodies to add.

I haven’t thought too much about goals for the race. I’d love to PR (sub-47:59), but I’m nervous about going all-out in a primarily downhill race just two weeks before my marathon. I know I would recover in plenty of time, but the risk of injury is looming in my mind.


I’ll leave you with a few pics I snagged from the 21k de MontrΓ©al:

heading in to the finish line

crowded finish shot, I’m on the right near the middle and Dave is beside me in the yellow visor

finish clock shot


33 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. I love to hear runners behaving intelligently about their training, as you are in taking it easy and not doing speed until Thurs. A big step towards NOT getting injured–good job!

  2. Salt tablets and the like are so important during the long runs and race. I think they are one of the most important things I added to my training. You are going to do great girly!!! Good luck this weekend!

  3. Great race pictures!I'm interested to hear what you think of the salt sticks – I need to get to a running store and pick up something like that to try. Good luck with the 10k this weekend!

  4. I've never tried salt tablets. Tried the salt packets, but I hate the taste so much I couldn't do it! glad it works well for you! Congrats to your team for raising so much money for a great cause!Nice race pictures!

  5. Very interested in your take on the salt sticks..I think I need to start on thees for next time around. -can't believe I said NEXT time. Geez…let's get through one first.

  6. I would say play it safe on the 10K, too. You have all summer to race and PR – and the marathon is approaching quickly! You would probably be Fine, but there's always that chance :)Either way, I'm guessing you'll run it faster than you expect, because you're in great shape right now! Amazing job on the fundraising! Glad to help out πŸ™‚

  7. I just found your site! Very cool photos! πŸ™‚ Salt capsules sound very interesting. I haven't heard of them before. Do they work like the gels? Or in addition to?

  8. I'll be interested to hear how the salt works for you. I've always used nuun and that seems to work for me. Maybe I'll try salt "next" time. ;o)I have a quarter marathon the week before my marathon. I'm going to have to really hold myself back.

  9. Great job on the fundraising!! Love the finish clock shot!! Have a great race on Sunday … it will be my first 10k and don't really know what to expect or what time I should be looking at. Hopefully under 1:15, I would be happy with that

  10. i only use salt capsules for ultra training but lots of bloggers are using them for long runs. i eat margarita bloks cause they have extra sodium so that gives me a bit extra. great finish shot!

  11. Cute pictures and I love it that you're doing back to back marathons with 6 weeks between. I've done that for a couple of years. Not this year though. Stay smart and strong with your training.

  12. You always looking great in your action shots! Goodluck on the 10k this weekend – you are going to be amazing. And I am so excited to hear how much $$ you guys raised. That is awesome!! πŸ™‚

  13. You always looking great in your action shots! Goodluck on the 10k this weekend – you are going to be amazing. And I am so excited to hear how much $$ you guys raised. That is awesome!! πŸ™‚

  14. ok… you know what to do. whatever number or name you pick out, just pretend it says LINDSAY :)love the running shots! good luck in the 10k this weekend – whether you push it or cruise.

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