Tall Mom’s Virtual Race for the Cure

It’s 05/05 and what better way to celebrate than running 5K for Tall Mom’s Virtual Race for the Cure!

I’ve been feeling some taper restlessness so this was the perfect way to shake things up. It’s been interesting planning my week without trying to schedule almost 80KM of running.

It was hot when I headed out at lunch today and I could feel the sun pounding down on me as I pounded the pavement. Running fast in mid-day sun = tough!

After the first 2.5K I seriously doubted whether or not I could keep up the pace, but somehow I was able to will my legs to go even faster in the second half.


4:46/KM = 7:40/mi

*18 seconds faster than a 5K race last month!

I even wore pink for the occasion, but unfortunately forgot to bring my camera to work. The best I can do for a pic is my pile of wet & stinky clothes after dumping them out of my bag when I got home.

Happy Hump Day!

36 thoughts on “Tall Mom’s Virtual Race for the Cure

  1. Heyyyyyy marathon sister! I ran a 5k last night, too! How funny. Great job. I'm not a huge fan of those evening races – hot, humid and no energy – but it's a fun social event afterwards. Race is getting closer!!!!!

  2. uggggh my stupid internet lost my comment 😦 it was a good one too! now i can't remember entirely what i wrote.anyway.congrats on the speedy 5k! not easy to do in a non-race atmosphere. i am glad you took the time to photograph your wet, sweaty clothes for us. i am more glad that i can't smell them from here 🙂

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