New Gear & Sporting Life 10K Pics

Thanks for all the comments on yesterday’s post. After another physio appointment today, I’m feeling good and keeping myself distracted from the taper madness.

One thing that’s doing a good job of distracting me is new gear!

Hubs brough me home this awesome hot pink running jacket from the massive Adidas store in Australia. Love it!!

Today I also received a package from CEP containing compression socks and calf sleeves to review. I’ll definitely be trying these out post-marathon. Don’t they look great with my new jacket?

And the sleeves:

Don’t mind the expression!

I’ll be posting much more info on CEP as well as a full review in the coming weeks.

For now, a couple pics from Sporting Like 10K


37 thoughts on “New Gear & Sporting Life 10K Pics

  1. That pink is an amazing color on you. You should wear that jacket all the time. ;o)Can't wait to hear about the compression socks and sleeves. I'm hoping to get my recovery socks in time to try them out after the marathon.Stay sane, my friend, we are almost there.

  2. I LOVE and WANT that jacket. And those socks!!! I think I'm meant to have them. At my race last weekend there was a girl wearing those EXACT socks. I went up and asked her where they were from. I was a little sickened at the cost though – yikes. Will definitely look forward to your review. I'm currently skeptical that they would make that much difference in my running … at least for me.

  3. Loving the PINK jacket. Maybe because it's pink, or maybe because it was gift. How awesome either way. Oh and I am curious to hear your feedback on the socks and sleeves. I have really wondered how those work and if they really do make a difference.

  4. man even the asian spammer beat me! :(cute pics marlene. love the jacket! i have been thinking about those calf sleeves… look forward to hearing what you think about them!

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