Three Things Thursday – Taper Edition

1. ONE baby: I’m ecstatic to announce the birth of my newest niece! Hailey Patricia was born at 3:29PM yesterday and she’s as perfect and cute as they come. Hubs and I were able to stop by the hospital for a short visit last night and both Mommy and baby are doing great. I love being an Auntie! Congratulations to my brother- and sister-in-law!

2. TWO runs: I’ve been out for two easy runs this week, one with hubs on Monday and one with hubs and a couple of friends from my training group yesterday. These days “easy” pace seems to translate to goal marathon pace or slightly quicker – I know how it feels, I like how it feels and this makes me feel great about Sunday!

3. THREE more sleeps: Speaking of sleep, I’ve been maximizing mine this week by ensuring lights out by 10PM and setting the alarm 15 minutes later in the morning (so far, I’ve only been a few minutes late for work). I feel refreshed and energized – hopefully the trend will continue!

Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!

Tomorrow… training recap & race goal(s)!


38 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday – Taper Edition

  1. how sad am I that before I could even read #1 I saw 3:29 and thought that was a marathon finishing time?! Ugg – I need a life.

  2. Congrats Auntie!! will u be Aunt Marlene? Auntie Marlene? Auntie? I'm Ah-Boo. My nephew is almost 2 and I'll be an auntie again in August. My mom has always called me Boo and since Bethany is a hard name for a kid to say, my newphew says Ah-Boo (and Ryry.) Hearing his voice say ah-boo completly melts my heart! It never gets old! So fun! Congrats to your fam! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Marlene!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ congrats to the sykes fam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you'll be the best auntie ever!!you're always in great spirits. your race is so close!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Your Three Things Thursday always are so good!! Congrats on the new niece!! Hope you continue to get rest for this marathon!! Good luck and have a great race!

  5. Cowbell cheers for you from Denver, run GIRL RUN!!!! You're going to do awesome, you're ready so let's get 'er done!! Sub 4 here you come!!!!

  6. YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!! Congrats. I just tracked you and that is so exciting. I totally know the feeling that you have right now and it's the best feeling ever. Congrats x 100!!!!! Can't wait to read the recap!

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